Friday, January 12, 2018

Flexifitness - What It Stands For

By Murugiah Rameshon

Recently, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has mentioned in last year's National Day message on the importance of health, as one of the 3 key areas for government and the public, at large, to work at. He mentioned that we can get disease in the long run if we ignore Health. One in three Singaporeans have diabetes. Hence, it is important for us to know that getting sick is not an option as healthcare will be an issue over time, and it can be expensive for the individual and government to bear.

Seeing the trend, and after doing some research, Flexifitness was formed to address the problem of health and fitness long time ago to help Singaporeans to lose weight, and maintain a healthy in life as a lifestyle for oneself. Over time, the group of 6 people, small group, expanded to more than 100 of enlistees here, over a period of 6 years.

The three focus of Flexifitness was on health, fitness and performance for kids, young adults and adults as well. As for kids, the long term goal was to get people to take opportunity of the window period between the age of 5 and 16 years of age. The Young Champions Programme for kids focuses on children's motor skill development, stamina, swimming strokes, speed, agility and coordination. The programme is such that one can take a chosen sports in the long term as a lifelong activity. With this goal in mind, Flexifitness achieved a lot within 6 years of continuation of the programme, and it can be seen from the stellar results it has achieved.

A number of our programme kids and adults sign up extensively for personal training, and it is done outdoors, usually. Many, here start off from running 5km races, and then increase their running distance to 10km. Within 3 years athletes, young and old, have progressed from 1hr 30min to 55min, on average, for a period of 3 years. Over time, usually a year later, the developing participant decide to run the half-marathon. Finally, another year later, a number of our runners managed to run the marathon.

While doing the training, on average, about 93 people have reduced their weight by an average range of 8-10kg. For the past 6 years, we have about eight people, who could, within a span of 9 months, reduce their weight by 20kg. We do have runners who are 5/6 hours plus for the marathon. After the training given, most of them can do sub – 5 hours. We have 4 ladies, having the ability to do sub-4 hours, for women. They are Shireena Woon, Jennifer Quek, Li Ping and Mariviv Tan. Currently, we also have 10 athletes who has done sub-3 hours, for the marathon, highest for a running group in Singapore. About 149 men and 67 women have done below 5hours and 6hours for marathon, as we see the record for six years running the programme.

We have Mr Balaji, who have never run before, doing a 1hr 20min for 10km, in year 2015, improving the time to 1hr 04min, in year 2016, and then is able to do 59min for 10km. He also did the half-marathon in a time of 2hr 36min in the Stanchart Marathon 2017 race. About 50 people within the span of 5 years, have improved their time between half an-hour and an hour for the marathon races.

In the POSB Run 2017, for Men Open, all three runners ended as podium finishers, but also about seven of our athletes were top 11 in the men open. In 5km, Alisa was first for girls under 14 years of age. Overall, our group had about 62 participants for the race.

In POSB Run, we had Samuel, age 8 years of age winning third in his 800m race. Several years, our athletes usually keep winning the top 3 for the kids category. 

At present 2 girls who could do a time of below 11min for 2.4km are below 12 year of age. There are 20 boys from our group who can do 12min and below for 2.4km. About 8 athletes are able to do sub - 8min for 2.4km race. 

Picture 1 -In Hong Kong Marathon, Saranniya (59min), Mariviv Tan (43min), Jamie with son Ian, Dr Gordon(sub- 6 hours marathon), Ethan, Joseph Ho (sub 6 hours marathon), Rameshon, Kelvin Wong and Ruben Loganathan (10km- 36min) 
In Singapore Cross Country Race 2017, Ruben Loganathan came in second for Boys Under 20, with a time of 16min 42sec. He is right now, ranked top 3 in Singapore for his age group, from age 14 and above, for 5km to 10km. Very recently, he has done the 2.4km test between 7min 14sec and 7min 17sec four times.

Mariviv Tan, who did 10km time in 2XU Run 2017 in 44min, earlier on, was able to do a time of 42min in Shape Run 2017, later on for women open. She has recently done a 2.4km test in 8min 54sec. In Shape Run and 2 XU Run, she has come in second position, in the women Open category. Mariviv came in first in the women 14 to 19 year of age for the 10km for girls, Stanchart Marathon. 

Picture 2 - Dr Ansgar Cheng and Coach Murugiah Rameshon

In the veteran category, for Men Open, we have 51year old Dr Ansgar Cheng, who came first in 5km with a time of 17min 39sec, Asian Masters Championships 2017. Dr Ansgar did 37min 00sec for last year’s 10km POSB Run. Dr Ansgar recently did 7min 42sec for the 2.4km time trial and his two daughter Alisa (14 years of age) did 9min 45sec, while Hana (13 year of age) did 9min 57sec. Moonlake, Dr Ansgar’s wife, did 10km in 59min this year and it was a personal best time.

We have many here taking part in ultra marathon races. We also have Dr Andreas Wenger, 38, doing a time of 72hours for 320km in Singapore Ultra Marathon race. He came in 3rd in the Men Open category.

Picture 3 - second from left, Mr Li, running 7 continent, and second from right is Dr Andreas Wenger. 

With 3 months of heavily packaged programme, finally, we have a runner Mr Li who has trained very religiously and he is going to 7 marathons, daily, in 7 continents. He has trained under my guidance and we are hoping that he will succeed the race with good physical and mental fitness. Finally, in the programme, we do have mental training which makes one excel in whatever we do.