Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dr Ansgar Cheng - POSB RUN 2016 MEN OPEN 10km Champion

By Saranniya

(Left to Right) Evan Chee, Ruben, Dr Ansgar Cheng, our heroes of the day coming in 1-2-3 for Men Open Category. 

I was near the start/finish point of POSB RUN as early as 5am. It is a day that we were proud to don our new Flexifitness singlet and t-shirt. The brand of our singlet/t-shirt was changed from AGT to Adidas, as many of our runners preferred it. Today, there were not only races for adults, but also, there were races for kids as well. Coach Rameshon and other coaches were there to support our Flexifitness runners, so that they do their best in the race. 

Many of our runners and other strong competitors were there at the staring point, both young and old. As expected, I saw a number of our Flexifitness young athletes running very strongly towards the last part of the race, coming in top 6, for male and female section. Moreover, a few of them came in top 20. This year, was the year to show that Flexifitness has progressed a lot, in terms of better run times, comparatively. Our boys and girls, who thought that they will do a mediocre time really did well, as, if they had run the school's 2.4km test, they will definitely get a minimum gold award, although our idea is to enable one to go for a personal best time.

Flexifitness Athletes with new vest and -t -shirt

The climax of the race came when Dr Ansgar, 50, from Specialist Dental Group, and our Flexifitness athlete, came in as the champion with the fastest time for the event. He did a time of 37min 02sec, according to his hand watch. Although, his wish of sub-36min did not manifest, which he could have got it if someone had pushed him towards the last part, he proved to Singaporeans, at large, that old is gold.

(Left to Right) At prize giving, Evan Chee, Ruben, Coach Rameshon, Coach Saravanan and Dr Ansgar Cheng. 

Dr Ansgar is not a fly by night athlete as he has constantly produced fantastic performance like coming in champion in the Asian Masters Championships 2016 held in Singapore, plus doing very well in men open half-marathon races, coming in top 10 usually. He did a 17min 39sec to outrun a Chinese runner. Earlier on, Dr Ansgar was doing a time between 18min 20sec to 18min 30sec for 6 month. Earlier, when he joined us in year 2014, his time was about 20min plus for 5km. Dr Ansgar is also a teamworker as our athletes always looks up to him as an inspiration.

Hence, we can see that the second position for men open category for POSB Run went to Ruben and third position to Evan Chee, who are both Flexifitness. It was not only a 1-2-3, but it was a 1-2-3-4-5 by Flexifitness athletes.

A number of our athletes also came in top 20, not only in men open but also in women open as well.

We will post the result soon in our running blog/website.