Friday, January 1, 2016

Flexifitness Wishes All A Peaceful, Wonderful, Prosperous and Healthy Year 2016

By Rameshon

Year 2015, was a very good year for us, from Flexifitness. Many personal best times have been seen this year and it has been a very satisfying year, for me and for the rest of the athletes from our group. In my life, this is the first time that a number of phenomenon is taking place in my coaching. For example, we have Andreas Wenger, who was able to do 40min, 10km, at first, and now he is able to do a time of 35min 15sec, all within a year, as opposed to something that takes 4 to 10 years to achieve. Andreas also could do a 4min 13sec in 1500m, from a time of 4min 32sec. On top of that Andreas did a 9min 30sec for 3km as well. These commendable achievements were achieved in a year. There are a number of achievement by other runners but I will touch this in another blog post.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to highlight on Helen Gilbey, my former lecturer, who was a firm believer of no doping in sports. She was a good role model for me to follow. She was once the best runner in Singapore, until she had to leave to USA for job transfer. 

Her lessons were always interesting and I enjoyed her lessons, all the time. What makes me to take my hats off is the message that she carried on drugs, in not to cheat by taking drugs. That was in the past. Recently, I have been praying hard that the top echelon could change such that doping is out. Sebastion Coe, promised to the running fraternity that those who take drugs will be dealt with if he becomes president of IAAF, in the election. This year he won and some drug cheats were caught. 

We firmly support Sebastion Coe, President of IAAF, in making drugs to be out of sports totally. With doping, only a higher authority like IAAF could come forward to stop dope taking, else it will be mammoth task to solve. Flexifitness believe that with doping, athletes will believe in taking easy way out in training and will not work hard, and this will not help them in the real world. Also, there are a number of risks involved in taking drugs, such that hormonal changes will take place, and also organs like liver could just dyfunction all of a sudden, besides balding and other skin disorders that may take place. 

Besides talking about doping and our stand, we would for the first time say about us and other national bodies. 

Flexifitness was formed actually to assist Singapore Athletics to another level. We believe in working in parallel with the Ministry of Education, Sports School and Singapore Athletics and with other national bodies. 

We also hope that character and values are imparted through sports to the kids so that Singapore can become a strong nation with physical, mentally, intellectually, socially and spiritually capable people. 

We also hope that 2016 will be a good year not only for us, but all and others as well, Singapore and throughout the world. 

We hope to drive to our champion athletes the notion of not depriving a top runner from running with you in a race and also on not depriving oneself from competing with an equally strong opponent, when they at their best. 

All the best!