Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dr Ansgar Cheng - Preparing for sub -3hr 10min Hong Kong Marathon 2016 (17/01/2016)

By Rameshon

Dr Ansgar, age is no barrier

Dr Ansgar, 49, a dentist by profession, from The Specialist Dental Group, will be the third person who will be competing after Stanchart Marathon 2015. He did a 3hr 35min for Stanchart Marathon 2015, which was his first ever marathon, after training for 8km, 10km, half-marathon races. In two major races in Singapore, he has emerged 10th in men open category of the races. Dr Ansgar, is definitely a force to be reckon with.

Dr Ansgar (right) 30km run for Ultra Marathon with fellow mate Evan Chee

After running the Stanchart Marathon, he took a 2 weeks break. He started training henceforth. On 27th Dec 2015, he did a 30km run with Evan Chee for the MR 25 Ultra marathon 2015, to give him moral support during the run. Flexifitness athletes also did come down for the race, gave Evan maximum support until lunch time; Andreas Wenger, later on came in to motivate Evan to do a good last 30km. Evan, finally won the race, which was actually meant to be completing the race, in the men open category. 

(left to right) Andreas Wenger, Evan Chee and Dr Ansgar

Dr Ansgar, myself, Andreas, Nick (Andreas' friend) and some of the Flexifitness runners came to join in the victory of Evan at Mac Ritchie. Many runners congratulated Evan. 

After Evan's Ultra-Marathon race on 27th Jan, 2015, Andreas raced on 2nd, Saturday, January, 2016, in Tai Mo Shan 115km Ultra Trail race. That came as surprise for us that he had registered to take part in the race. Even more surprising is the fact that he rose to occasion by coming in 2nd runner - up for the race. 

Now that Evan Chee and Andreas have finished their race, the next person who will be competing in a major race is going to be Dr Ansgar. 

Team Flexifitness

He did a 1hr 30min half-way in Stanchart Marathon 2015 with Erich, a fellow runner from Flexifitness, and later on succumbed to severe cramps. Without stopping, he completed the race in 3hr 35min. It was the first time that he was running the distance, literally, the last 2km nearly walking till the finish of the race. As it was his first race, it was good that he finally completed the race, which was awesome!

In the cooling or cold climate like the Hong Kong Marathon 2016 in Jan 14, I believe, that he will be able to do at least a 3hr 20min and below, or even a sub- 3 hours time for a marathon, so to speak. 

Saranniya, our co-editor will be giving him an interview to find out on his aims, goals, and objectives in the upcoming Hong Kong Marathon 2016. Hence, I would suggest that, athletes, young or old, to watch out for it.