Friday, January 8, 2016

Dr Ansgar Cheng - An Interview on Hong Kong Marathon 2016

By Saranniya

Coach Rameshon has mentioned about Dr Ansgar in the previous blog post. Dr Ansgar, 49, was doing a range of between 41min to 42min plus, for 10km, in our group, when I met him, roughly a year back from now. 

Within few months, about 2-3 months into the program, he was quick to do 40min plus for most of his 10km time trial runs. Gradually, he was stuck at this time for most time trials that was conducted by Flexifitness, for quite some time. 

It was only lately, to my perception, about 2 to 4 months ago that he suddenly showed tremendous improvement. Coach Rameshon said," Dr Ansgar has great attitude and belief in what he is doing, than made him to do a 37min 37sec for 10km in our program". Coach Rameshon feels that Dr Ansgar can do a sub-36min in a 10km race anytime, after seeing Dr Ansgar doing extremely well in yesterday's final workout, before he taper down in his training. 

Dr Ansgar has given his answers to the interview questions that I have posed. I hope that you enjoy and balance life just like him. 

An Interview With Dr Ansgar

1. How was your Standard Chartered Marathon?
My Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon in December 2015 was my first ever attempt in covering 42km in one shot! It was a great learning experience. I love the team and the fact that I managed to hang onto Mr Erich Paulini for over half the distance. The physical and mental support from the younger teammates was absolutely first class. I could not have picked a better occasion to have my maiden marathon! Singapore after all is my home court.

2. How did you feel about the 3hr 35min?
My time of 3hours 35min to complete my first ever marathon was a little off from the mathematics. However, in a run of that volume, a few variables may come into play and surprises are inevitable. I have no complaints as far as it was a completion. It reminded me of how I failed my first ever professional examination after I left my dental school. Even though I graduated among the top of my class, there is no guarantee of subsequent performances: every new challenge is a new game on its own. Preparation and execution are equally important.

3. How was the organisation of the Standard Chartered race?
The organisation of the race was fine with me. As a person, I try not to be bothered by the things that are not within my circle of competence. In a race, as long as all participants are covering the same route under the same condition, it is a fair game in my humble opinion ;)

4. Why did you choose Hong Kong Marathon?
I was born in Hong Kong and I grew up there. I received most of my education there. Hong Kong has races in winter because of the cooler weather. Running Hong Kong Marathon after running the Singapore one is a natural choice to me as Singapore is my home court while Hong Kong is my hometown. In addition, I do have my own running buddies in Hong Kong, running the marathon together. That is just fun!

5. How was your preperation for the race?
I think I have been doing the best I can in my preparation. Balance family, work, teaching, and running requires a bit of scheduling after all.

6. Will you run the future Standard Chartered race?
I certainly would like to do it again! It is a part of the overall health big picture.