Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dr Andreas Wenger - 2nd Runners Up in Tai Mo Shan Ultra-Trail (Unofficial Result)

By Saranniya

Dr Andreas Wenger - Rose to occasion

(Left to Right) Dr  Andreas Wenger, Mr Evan Chee (winner of MR 25 Ultra Marathon) and Dr Ansgar Cheng
Dr Andreas was in fact introduced to Coach Rameshon by Flexifitness athlete and captain Mr Lim Thow Wee. Most of the time, Dr Andreas has been independent in doing his own training, besides coming down for a number of very important workouts with us. My experience with Dr Andreas is that he puts in his 100% in anything that he does. Nearly all the time, he keeps doing very good timing. This is simply amazing! 

After Mr Evan Chee's excellent performance by emerging as the champion in men open category of Mizuno MR 25 Ultra Marathon 2015, held on 27th December, Dr Andreas Wenger, 33, a Swiss by descent, took part in 115km Tai Mo Shan Ultra Trail competition and came in second runner-up in the race. 

We were all happy to hear this today, and the feeling was great. Coach Rameshon was very surprised with this wonderful results. (The result is still unofficial but we are thrilled about the fact that he has done exceptionally well).

Team Flexifitness in Mizuno MR 25 Ultra - Marathon 2015

The elevation of the run was 6132m. The time taken to complete the course was 17hr 47min 58sec. This only shows that Dr Andreas has great capability and the talent to run from 1500m to Ultra- Marathon. A very rare talent indeed!

He has done the following timing in the distances stated.

Distance and Time
1500m - 4min 13sec
3000m - 9min 30sec
5000m - 16min 43sec
10000m - 35min 15sec

Dr Andreas did 3hr 07min before he joined us. This year he has attained a number of personal best times in various distances between 1500m and Ultra - Marathon. Besides, he has done the Tokyo Marathon in 2hr 51min 39sec, held on 22nd February. Coach Rameshon feels that Dr Andreas is capable of doing a sub-2hr 40min in a marathon anytime soon.

Subsequently, on 28th June Dr Andreas took part in Kona Marathon, held in Hawaii. He won the race in the Men Open category, with a time of 2hr 54min 54sec.

Having an adventurous spirit, Dr Andreas felt that it would be a great challenge to do a sub - 3hours in Singapore itself, challenging the heat and humidity. His strategy was to focus on hydration. He went for it and did a time of 2hr 54min and was in front of our fellow top runners, Mr Evan Chee (3rd in Men Open - 2hr 56min) and Mr Colin Chua (4th in Men Open - 2hr 58min). All 3 runners did us proud as locally only 6 runners from Singapore did sub - 3 hours in total.

Team Flexifitness had 3 runners doing a sub-3hours in Stanchart Marathon 2015.