Monday, December 28, 2015

Tai Mo Shan Ultra marathon 2016 - An Interview With Andreas Wenger

By Rameshon

(Left to Right) The threes heroes of Flexifitness - Andreas Wenger, Evan Chee and Dr Ansgar Cheng

In the morning, on Sunday, 27th Dec, 2016, Dr Ansgar Cheng ran with Evan Chee to support him in Mizuno MR 25 Ultra marathon race. During the run itself, Dr Ansgar, I believe, would have inspired Evan to complete the 10 rounds. For me, Dr Ansgar's mere presence would have made Evan's mind stronger to do the impossible. 

A number of Flexifitness athletes turned up in the morning to support him. They woke up as early as 5 30am, in order to reach MacRitchie Reservoir at 6 30am to cheer him up and take some photos. I gave him a special partner stretch, at 6 45am, at Mushroom cafe area, hoping that he does not get into any form of hip problems later on in the race. I also gave him an hamstring stretch and hip flexor stretch so that all will be alright for him during the race. 

The athletes supported Evan all the way until mid-day and they had to leave. After 3pm, Andreas came to support Evan. The latter finally won the MR 25 Ultra marathon race. It was a great piece of good news for all of us from Flexifitness. 

After this great success, we also realise that we have Andreas Wenger who is about to run in Tai Mo Shan Ultra marathon 2016 race soon, in a week's time. We have interviewed Andreas on the coming race and wish him all the best. 

An Interview With Andreas Wenger

1.     What is the race you are taking part in?
The race will be held in Hong Kong. It is the 2016 Tai Mo Shan Ultra marathon 

2. What is the distance you are covering during the event? 
I will do the 115km distance with 5300m Cumulative altitude gain. 

3.  Are you given any time limit?
The time limit is 34hours.

4.     Do you prefer Marathon or Ultra-Marathon? (The reason behind it) 
I like both as there are different challenges. In a marathon it is about the time and the speed. In the Ultra Marathon it is more about the distance and the terrain.

5.     During Ultra-Marathon, there might have been time that physically  or mentally you might have been totally drained, but what keeps you going? 
The ultras I always did with friends. It is easier to run in a team as you can motivate and support each other. But at the end is the WILL to finish, to achieve the goal I set myself.
Andreas is going to enjoy all this scenic view at Tai Mo Shan

6.     How did you start running Ultra-Marathons? 
I did a few marathons and then I was looking for a new challenge. It is always the question where is the limit. I ran/walked 50km then 100km and last September 100 miles (170km). In 2016 my friends and I plan to participate in a 200km race. Ultra Marathons are also about the nature. Be outside and discover new areas. 

We wish Andreas Wenger all the best for his Tai Mo Shan race.