Sunday, December 6, 2015

Standard Chartered Marathon Results - Miracle Day for Flexifitness

By Saranniya

Our Flexifitness runners have been training very hard for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2015. In today's race, we have yet another new entrant to the sub-3 hours club. Altogether 3 runners did sub-3 hours today, who are from Flexifitness. They are Mr Colin Chua, Andreas Wenger and Mr Evan Chee. 

Colin rose to occasion as he did 2hr 58min today. Just a few months back, Mr Jensen Toh did 2hr 58min in Berlin Marathon 2015. Both went below the sub-3hour target only this year. 

In today's race,  in front of Colin was Mr Evan Chee.  Mr Evan in fact, came in 3rd in the Men Local category. We also have Mr Andreas who did sub-3 hours and he did a personal best time running in Singapore weather. We will post the official results soon. 

Mr Erich, one of our runner, running in the marathon race, did a time of 3 hour 06min, while our runner by the name of Dr Ansgar Cheng, a dentist by profession, 49,  did 3hr 35min for the race. Dr Cheng had to suffer cramps after mid-way of the race. 

We have some other runners who did well also. We will get their names soon. 

Mr Balaji, an avid runner, did a time of 1hr 10min for the 10km race. Earlier on, he did a time of 1hour 20min, 10km. Srinivasan,42,  another runner did a time of 1hour 19min to complete the distance. He was injured earlier on. 

Mr Andy, 62 year old runner, did a time of 55min for his race. Moonlake, our veteran female runner, did a time of 1hour 03min. It was a season best time, although it was not a personal best time. 

Mr Chin Peng stopped near the half-way mark of the marathon race. He was affected by stomach ache.  We hope that he is not affected in any way with the stopping of the race. 

We hope that everyone had enjoyed the marathon race today.