Saturday, December 19, 2015

Interview with Erich- 3hour 06minutes for Standard Chartered Marathon

Interview with Erich- 3hour 06minutes for Standard Chartered Marathon

By Saranniya

What was your target for the race? 
My target was to achieve a sub-3hour timing for a marathon run in Singapore's hot and humid climate. As I have personal best timing of 2hr 59min to my credit from 2013 Boston Marathon and I wanted to repeat that in Singapore.

Was there any part of the race was hard either mentally or physically?
I have to admit to myself that the hardest part was around the 24km, as I knew I will be unable to achieve my target.

How was the organisation of the race?
The organisation of the race was better this year compared to the previous time I ran Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore in 2013. The fact that we had a starting pen for sub-3hour runners located right behind the elite runners was very good. Also, the fact that we could warm up prior to the race was very good. The course, however deteriorated as it is now run through the meanderings of Sports Hub instead of Nicoll-Highway and Mountbatten Road. Generally, I'd prefer if the race returned to being a road race like in the 80s and 90s instead of mostly running in East Coast Park.

Apart from the sub-3hour starting pen, a lot needs to be improved by making smaller pens with controlled access and more entry points for the runners from 3hour onwards. One thing which negatively affected my race was the fact that there was no official timing display along the entire course, not even at the half way point. I could only rely on my watch for timing until the finish line. Very unusual for an international race! At top international races timing displays are located every 5km.

The official hydration lacks in two main aspects. 

1. The cups are  too small. 

2. The water is "drinking water" instead of mineral water to help replenish some of the minerals lost through perspiration. Moral support was great from the Team Flexifitness. Apart from that Stanchart Marathon is a very lonely race, as there is practically no spectator support along the course. The best is to find somebody to run with who will do a similar pace. Running the first 23km with Dr Ansgar was great. 

Are you satisfied with your race?
I am satisfied that I gave it my best on the day of the race and I shaved close to 7minutes of my previous best in Singapore. That is quite an achievement. 

What is your next target?

I will work to maintain my current fitness level, which is probably the best I ever had as an adult. I want to do some decisive sub-3hour running in a cooler race than Singapore and I might come back to attempt sub-3hour again at Stanchart Marathon 2016.