Friday, December 25, 2015

Andreas Wenger - Aiming to do 115km Tai Mo Shan (5800m) on 1st Jan 2016

Andreas Wenger - Another athlete recommended by Lim Thow Wee to join us. 

By Rameshon 

(Left to right) Lim Thow Wee, Colin Chua, Saravanan, Marcel, Rameshon, Evan Chee and Andreas. 

Of course, if you ask me, whether to mix marathon and ultramarathon, my suggestion is to choose one. I chose the marathon, as compared to the ultramarathon. Specificity is important in sports and nearly every, if not all, research say the same thing. However, if you are a developing runner and you have not reached top standards in running, it is still acceptable to run both marathon and ultramarathon races, depending on the individual. 

In Flexifitness, we do have Andreas Wenger, 33, a Swedish by descent, and a banker by profession, who trains about 50km per week. It is amazing thing to see that he has the ability to run a marathon and also take part in ultramarathon races as well. He has taken part in 168km Mount Fuji Ultra Trail run. He did a time of 32hours 59min 42sec, making Flexifitness proud.

He just told me that having done the Standard Chartered Marathon race, he is going to take part in the Tai Mo Shan 115km run which has a 5800m climb. Hence, I thought of updating our readers on this gentle man who is a self-disciplined athlete who is talented and works hard at the same time. 

Before joining Flexifitness, Andreas shared with me that he had a personal best time of 3hr 07min. Now he has three sub -3hours marathon timing. 

In February, this year, he ran the Tokyo International Marathon and did 2hr 51min. Later he ran in Kona, Hawaii Marathon 2015 and came in first in the men open category with a time of 2hr 54min 54sec. He told me that there were a lot of uphills in the race. In Stanchart Marathon 2015, Andreas realised his dream of doing a sub-3 hours by doing a time of 2hr 54min for the race. He was the best Flexifitness performer of the day. 

He has done a near 28min 11sec for the 8km tempo run, just few weeks before the Standard Chartered Marathon. When he joined us, at first, he was doing 31min plus on average, for 8km tempo runs. Over a period of 5 months, he scaled downward in his time and has got faster. He was doing a time of 4min 32sec for 1500 about 6 months back. Later on, he did 4min 13sec. He moved up in his tempo run and did 16m 43sec for 5km. (This is a big improvement from his SAA cross country time of 17min 58sec for 5km). He has a personal best time of 9min 38sec for 3 km as well. 

This shows that Andreas is multi - talented who can run between 1500m and the ultramarathon. Andreas told me that Lim Thow Wee suggested to him to join me to achieve the sub-3hours. He has achieved a total of three sub-3 hours and it is not easy. We hope that he can scale further heights in running. All the best to Tai Mo Shan!

There will be an interview on this coming up, so please stay tuned!