Thursday, December 10, 2015

Andreas Wenger - 2hr 54min 38sec in Stanchart Marathon 2015 - An Interview

Finally A Sub Three Hours For  Marathon In Singapore

By Saranniya
From Left to Right
(Left to right) Mr Lim Thow Wee, Mr Colin Chua, Coach Saravanan,Marcel Sng, Coach Rameshon,Mr Evan Chee &Mr Andreas
Mr Andreas Wenger had joined us with a time of 3hr 07min personal best time in marathon. He was recommended by Mr Lim Thow Wee to train with Coach Rameshon in order to go below sub-3hours for the marathon race. 

Upon joining, immediately, Coach Rameshon told him to improve his 5km time. The SAA Cross-Country race was chosen to do just that. Mr Andreas did a 17m 59sec. Over time, Andreas kept improving on his tempo runs. The Tokyo Marathon was targeted and he did a very good personal best time of 2hr 51min. Some months later, he ran in a time of 2hr 54min 54sec in the Kona Marathon 2015, held in Hawaii, at the same time, he came in champion in the Men Open category of the race. This boost later enabled Andreas to scale new heights in his 15km time from a 1 hour flat time to later on do a sub-56min, just before the Singapore Marathon on 6th December.

His 5km time went down to 17min 30sec in a time trial, which led him to do a 16m 47sec for the distance, over a period of time. 

While improving his 5km and 15km, Mr Andreas had always wanted to do a sub-three hours for marathon in a hot and humid weather in Singapore. He liked this challenge. It is important to know that attaining a certain time in cool weather is much more easier as compared to a hot and humid country like Singapore. 

In last week's race in Stanchart Marathon in Singapore, finally, he achieved his goal when he did 2hr 54min 38sec for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2015. He was sharing that this was something that he always wanted badly. Now, after all the months of constant hard work and dedication he made it. I also remembered how at times he had to miss training session due to work related overseas trip. Even then, he did not give up and still went for it. His mileage was in fact about 50km per week towards the last few weeks of training for the marathon. Only for some weeks, it was about 70km. Such was his commitment towards his work. 

After the race, when I met him at Padang, even though I could see the joy in his face for his accomplishment. He still remained humble and thanked each and every Flexifitness athlete and coaches who were present on that day for their support and motivation.

An Interview with Mr. Andreas

Are you happy with your performance?
Yes I am very happy with my performance. I achieved the sub 3hrs which was my goal. So far, I never got close to 3hrs in Singapore Marathons.

How was your experience to have run a sub 3 hours in a hot weather like Singapore?
When i crossed the finish line in less than 3hr it felt great. I find it much harder to run a marathon in Singapore than in cold climate. Thanks to all the tips from Coach Rameshon and the support of the students, coming down and cheering, during the race. The support made it possible.

During your race, what kept you going?
The first 28km I was running with Evan Chee which made it much easier. The rest of the race, I was running alone. Until the last 5km i felt great and really enjoyed the race. It was encouraging to pass the students and their cheers always gave me a push. The last bit I had to pay attention not to get cramps. The focus on the sub-3hrs keep me going. No pain no gain!

- Distance markings?

 The markings were good and I liked the quotes below each KM marking. Some were really motivating

- starting pens? (Was it too crowded)
The starting pen was ok for me. just to get to the starting pen was a bit complicated and not so well organized. there is definitely still some room for improvement.

What is your next target?
My next races are Ultra Marathons of 115km and 100km. So I want to have good timings there as the marathon training also helped me to improve on the long distances. For the Marathon distance I would like to run around 2h48m to have an average of below 4min per km. I just need to find a good course with a cold climate.