Saturday, December 5, 2015

All The Best to Flexifitness athletes and those running in Stanchart Marathon 2015 tomorrow

By Rameshon

It is important to visualise the race. Mental training is important for the marathon race. If you are mentally strong, you will do well. 

Also, take note that if you go out too fast in the first four minutes of the race, your race could be doomed with not the time that you would like to have. 

At this point of time, it is also advisable to not bring in something new or change strategy all of a sudden. It is important to stay calm if things do not favour your way. Also, it is important to not think that you have missed this and that. It is important to say," My training has gone well and I am confident." Affirm this. The thought of something is going to go wrong should not enter your mind and this really helps. Feel that everything has gone according to plan. You can see wonders taking place if you do this. What you are thinking is going to come out, so becareful of negative thoughts. Where is the evidence. I have experience this and I am sharing with you now. 

I would like to wish Erich, Chin Peng, Moonlake, Dr Ansgar, Jensen Toh, Evan Chee, Andreas Wenger, Colin Chua and Bobby, all the best tomorrow, even for Shireena who will be running in Angkor Wat tomorrow.