Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - One Of The Best Year for Flexifitness (Part 1)

Edited By Jasmine Tay

Ashley Liew - 2nd in Rock and Roll Marathon in New Orleans 2015
By Rameshon

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone, in any part of the world," A very Happy New Year filled with great success and peace." In this blog post, I shall write on the direction that I took for my running, which is to take up the marathon. Then, a summary of our top runners' names will be revealed for readers to know of our success in year 2015. Then, in another blog post, I shall write in detail on our Flexifitness athletes as a whole. 

In my life, all I wanted to do was to do a sub-3 hours for a marathon. That was all! The thought came to me when I was about 21 years of age. In my first serious marathon, I did 2hr 40min for Mobil Marathon, held in Singapore. I had a very serious reflection whether to continue marathon training or not. I was not for it, but I also realised that it was the race that could make me do well easily as compared to middle distance races. 

From then on, I asked a question on my goal. The thought of marathon running gave me a lot of fear as I knew that for 800m, 1500m and 5000m, the time to train was not enough. To train for the marathon would be very, very hard as it will take a lot of time, money and effort. I was thinking of not training for marathon, in fact. 

However, another side of me told me that I was good for marathon, and I should go for it. Hence, I decided to go all out for the training, which made me not to have any time for myself. It was training, work, train and sleep. There was no outing for me. Anyway, what made me to take up the challenge was actually to see how far I go and do my best in marathon. I did not go for awards and prizes, but to go for better timing. I was not concerned about travelling to countries as a reward. In fact, when I was in a country to represent Singapore in International races, usually, I was  focused in my stretching and training and my diet and rest. I was not interested in touring cities or do shopping and also keep meeting people. In short, my total focus was timing, timing and timing - to get the time, to run as fast as possible. 

To take the hard knock of doing marathon as a passion, I, usually, tell myself that even if I do not do well, at least I always have the sub-3 hour time. 

That was enough. Hence, in any race, there was no any form of nervousness. I wanted to enjoy the marathon and I was not really bothered on winning or losing but to keep improving my time all the time. 

Note : Other runners results will be posted in another blog post. 

Main Flexifitness Performance 2015 - Summary of Top performers

Ashley Liew - Fastest for year 2015 (New Orleans Marathon 2hr 32min 12 sec)

We have Ashley Liew doing a 2hr 32min 12sec coming in second in New Orleans Marathon in year 2015, February. I feel great as I was there to see this taking place. Ashley's time, if I am not wrong, is the best time for year 2015 for a Singaporean to do the fastest. We would like to congratulate him for his effort. Many of our top runners have run in international races and local races, but the 2hr 32min stands as the fastest for the year 2015. Ashley represented, so far in 2 SEA Games marathon in total - one in Myanmar SEA Games 2015 and the other was in Singapore SEA Games 2015. 

Evan Chee - Mizuno MR 25 Ultramarathon 2015 Men Open Champion (27/12/2015, Sunday)

We also have Evan Chee, who not only did well in the Stanchart Marathon by coming in as the 3rd individual winner in men open category, but he also rose to the occasion by coming in as the men open category champion in Mizuno MR 25 Ultra marathon 2015. As a coach, there was no any plans to compete but to complete the 10 rounds, between 7am and 7pm. Evans determination and tenacity to do well came towards that last few rounds of the Ultra marathon. There was no expectation on our part, although something in me told me that he will come in top 3. Congrats, Evan! 

Jensen Toh
After two years of attempting the sub-3 hours, he finally did 2hr 58min in 2015 Berlin International Marathon. It was his first sub-3 hour run. Congrats, Jensen.

Colin Chua
With the change to the start of Stanchart Marathon, as compared to previous year, he finally showed that he is a force to be reckon with, by doing a sub-3hr run of 2hr 58min in Singapore itself in Stanchart Marathon 2015. He also came in local 4th in men open category. Congrats, Colin! 

Dr Ansgar Cheng
Even though his age is 49, he has come in 10th in men open in two races. He has a personal best time of 37min 37sec in 10km. 

Dr Ansgar Cheng, always getting faster and faster

Andreas Wenger
From a time of 3hour 07min, Andreas has done three sub-3hours marathon. His personal best in Tokyo Marathon is 2hr 51min. In Kona Marathon in Hawaii, Andreas came in as men's open champion.