Thursday, October 1, 2015

Results of Straits Times Run 2015

By Rameshon

Dr Ansgar's family 

It was disappointing to hear that the POSB race was cancelled, as the haze was found to be the reason for the eventuality. However, it was all for our health, so it was a good thing that the organisers cancelled the race. In fact, I registered myself for the race, on that day, but later decided to look after the kids running the race as the parents of the kids, a number of them were running, and we needed the manpower to do it. 

Moonlake - Dr Ansgar's wife in purple headband. 

In the, supposed to take place, POSB race, Andreas was poised to do a sub- 35min/36min for 10km as he was gaining a lot in speed, and he was ready for it. I felt that if things had went well he could have come in top 3 in the local Men Open Category of 10km race. Many of our other runners were also looking forward for a personal best time. The kids races, between ages 6 and 12, were all cancelled as well, thereby making them to feel sad about the cancellation of the race. 

Colin (left) and Dr Ansgar ran in the 2XU half -marathon as well, few weeks ago. 

Nevertheless, the good thing to take note of is that, we still had the Straits Times 10km Run and 18.450km, spared, to be run a week later, and some of our runners fortunately signed up for the race. After the race, our runners were sending the unofficial results to me personally. 

It took three days for the official result to be out, after the Straits Times 2015 race. Right now, since we have some of the results we are now posting the results out, of our runners and on others if necessary. 

In the 18.450km, the Men Open winner was David Kibet, who did a time of 58min 33.96sec. Our runner Evan Chee came in overall 7th with a time of 1hr 13min 49sec, while Erich did a time of 1hr 18min and 18sec and was ranked 17th in the race. Colin Chua came in with a time of 1hr 18min 16sec.

In Women Open race, the winner was Margaret Njuguna, who came in first with a time of 1hr 12min 06.78sec. Our runner Jennifer Quek, ran the race with a time of 1hr 35min 57sec. After the race, she was discussing with me on her unofficial timing and she was worried whether she will make it to the top 25 for Women Open in order to get the Straits Times online free for a year. That was the prize. Yesterday, she messaged me to say that she was elated to know about her result and that she was indeed 24th position, finally. Yesterday, she also gave us a good piece of news that she has eventually qualified for the Boston Marathon 2016. She then posted it on the Facebook. We would like to say congrats to her for this achievement and hope that she will attain her personal best timing there in Boston Marathon, dream of many marathon runners, as a good choice to run a marathon race.  

So far, we have got these results and we will be posting the overall results of our runners on our own website by this week. I will post it out soon. Mr Andy Liew, Colin Chua, Moonlake, Joseph Ho, Mdm Wang's plus others official result will be out. 

Jennifer Quek - Her hardwork has paid off finally by getting the entry to Boston Marathon 2016. 

10km Men Open Winners
1st Charles Kipkorir Kipsang 32min 25.51sec
2nd Kennedy Matolo 32min 35.36sec 
3rd Suresh Tilija 34min 45.25sec
11th Dr Ansgar Cheng - 37min 37sec

Dr Ansgar in SAA Cross Country Race 2015

Dr Ansgar's time -  10km official time 37min 37sec. 

10km Women Open 
1st Cladys Tarus 35min 13.88sec
2nd Esther Karimi 37.25.50sec
3rd Suzanne Walsham 38min 34.49sec