Sunday, September 27, 2015

Miracle Day for Flexiftiness - Dr Ansgar (37m 37sec (unofficial time) for 10km Straits Times Run 2015

By Saranniya

Miraculous day for Flexifitness

Dr Ansgar, 49, does a new personal best time of 37m 37sec in 10km for Straits Times Run 2015. 

Today, I came to know finally, at around 10am, Singapore time, that Dr Ansgar, 49, a dentist by profession, has finally done a sub-38min for 10km in the Straits Times Run 2015. We were happy to hear that, with limited training, and without much mileage in his legs,Dr Ansgar, clocked a miraculous 37min 37sec, this morning. For us in Flexiftiness, we were amazed with the time, and filled with euphoria, even for Coach Rameshon. 

Coach Rameshon said, "Dr Ansgar's mind is very strong and he is fearless in going for it, once his mind is set. He puts in his 100% rather than holding back, and he has learnt over time to run in a steady fashion". "Very recently, he did a time of 30min 26sec for 8km." " During the haze period, when we held an 1 1/2 hour indoor session, he was there to train with his wife, with our Flexifitness group" What a great guy! He is able to transcend many obstacles to train, instead of complaining about it and not train. I also found out that his passion is running.

Dr Ansgar (green number tag) with Moonlake (red number tag)

Lately, in the recent 2 XU race, held on 2nd August, on a Sunday, Dr Ansgar did a time of 1hr 28min 59sec, which was his personal best time. He was Men Open 10th position for the 21.1km category. "The sub-1hr 30min had always evaded him all the while, and now he has got it," so said Coach Rameshon on Dr Ansgar. 

We knew that he has improved a lot. The good thing about Dr Ansgar is that he is very consistent in his training, which allows him to see improvements in his timing for the varied distances, which ranges from 2.4km to a half - marathon. Coach Rameshon say that he is ready to do a marathon soon, may be the Standard Chartered Marathon, will be a good race to attempt a personal best time. Coach Rameshon's take is that Dr Ansgar can do a 2hr 55min or better, in a marathon, so long he does it in a cool weather, in Berlin Marathon or London Marathon, Boston Marathon etc. 

When asked about Dr Ansgar, on whether he has peaked, Coach Rameshon told me,"The sky is the limit." He elaborated to me that Dr Ansgar's mind is very strong and he is able to achieve what he sets his mind on. For me as an athlete, I am inspired by Dr Ansgar and am hoping that I can achieve a lot of things by looking at him as an example in balancing both work and running. 

Besides other Flexifitness athletes who ran today in the Straits Times Run, our runners like Erich, Jennifer, Andy, Moon and Evan have done reasonably well and we are happy about that. We would like to congratulate these runners for their run. 

In our group, we also have a surprising news, which just came today, that Jensen Toh has done a 2hr 58min 30sec in Berlin Marathon 2015. We would like to congratulate Jensen for his relentless attempt to go below 3hrs for the marathon race. It is really a day filled with miraculous deeds today, just many good timings done in just a day.