Sunday, September 27, 2015

Andreas Wenger - Does 168km - Ultra Trail Mount Fuji in 32hours 59min 42sec

By Rameshon

Andreas, on the extreme left, with his fellow trail blazers. 

Concurrently, while the Straits Times Run 2015 and the Berlin Marathon was going on, yesterday, Andreas made the day perfect with impact by being the third person to excel in running performance. He ran in somewhat a different race, which was 168km Mount Fuji Ultra Trail run. He did a time of 32hours 59min 42sec, making Flexifitness proud. 

Mount Fuji Ultra - Trail - Andreas performance

Andreas has done a personal best time of 4min 13sec for 1500m, with Flexifitness training. Previously, he did a time of 4min 28sec and he kept scaling down until he did a time of 4min 13sec. He has already done a sub-29min for 8km, recently, and he has the potential to get better over time. 

As a ultra-marathoner, Andreas was introduced to me by Lim Thow Wee. I found that after meeting Andreas, the latter wanted to do just a sub-3hours in a marathon, which was about few months back. Andreas told me that his personal best time was 3hr 07min. 

Left to Right - Lim Thow Wee, Jensen Toh, Lee Nguan, Saravannan, myself, Andreas and Dr Ansgar in SAA Cross Country Race, this year. 

He told me that if the sub-3hours achievement takes place, he will be very happy. 

We came out with a structured plan to do this and, finally, he did a 2hr 51min 28sec in 15th Feb, 2015, while running in the Tokyo Marathon. Very recently, he ran in the 2015 Kona Marathon in Hawaii and he did a 2hr 54min 54sec, in July, to win the race for Men Open. 

Team Flexifitness in SAA Cross Country Race 2015, with Andreas in the picture. 

We hope that he excels further in running and wish him all the best! He is tired right now from the Ultra - Trail Run, and we hope to get an interview from him, next time, on the Mount Fuji 168km race.