Saturday, August 15, 2015

An Interview With Dr Ansgar Cheng - 1hr 28min 59sec 2XU Half-Marathon (2/08/2015)

Dr Ansgar - Lion hearted coupled with humility 

By Rameshon 

I have tried to write blog posts recently and it was not easy for me to do it. Perhaps, after writing about Dr Ansgar, it may happen that I may be able to write more on running and other topics. 

Humility is a value that I see in Dr Ansgar, as I know, from the past till now. He is a person who, outright, demonstrate gratitude, appreciation and gratefulness. There were a number of times where he has shown this. He does not show that he is class apart and he does not look down on anyone in running performance and he is ever there to encourage many, young and old, to take up running. 

He does not show any kind of fear while running. He is now 49 years of age. I think if he was young, like 24 years old, if he had been Singapore citizen, and training, he has the possibility of doing a better time then my personal best time for the marathon, 2hr 24min 22sec done in Chiengmei SEA Games 2015. I believe that the training done was not as structured as he has done in the past, such that there was not much breakthrough seen. 

He has right now, improved his personal best time for 5km, 10km and half-marathon, all at the age of  49. He is also doing his professional job as a dentist as well. We two have much in common, when it comes to running. We love running a lot. 

For a long time, Dr Ansgar have tried his best to go for a sub-1hr 30min and it was not easy to get the target. Last year, at this time, he was doing a time of 1hr 37min. Probably, he went out too fast. He brought the time down to 1hr 32min to 1hr 34min for some months back. 

In the recently held 2 XU Run, he finally did 1hr 28min for the 2XU Run 2015. Looks like he is performing like a young man while he is getting older. Simply amazing! Age has no barrier. 

I decided to do a write up on the interview I had with him. By reading his interview, I hope that many runners will be inspired by his show of unbreakable faith in doing the sub-1hr 30min. 

An Interview With Dr Ansgar

(left to right) Dr Ansgar, myself and Tan Eng Howe

How was the race?
It was good and fun. I enjoyed the race. For me, everything went very well. 

How was the water point?
It was organised very well. I did not feel dehydrated because of this. 

Were you expecting to break the 1hr 30min in the middle of the race?
I felt that I am going to do it. I knew that I could. 

What were your thoughts when you knew that you are on your way to break the sub - 1hr 30min barrier?
It was a good feeling and I was confident of it and this time there was a feeling of gauranteed to get the goal in this race itself. 

Are you happy with the time?
Of course, I am very happy with the race

How was the start?
I was about a minute away from the start and it took me some time to get to the front. 

What is your next goal?
I am hoping to run a marathon in the future.