Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2 XU Run 2015 (2nd Oct 2015, Sunday)

By Rameshon

On Sunday, my wife Sumathy ran the 2 XU Half - Marathon Race and was aiming for a completion, with some form of training done. Helen Toh, Vicky Toh, Joseph Ho, Coach Tan, Moonlake, Dr Ansgar, Colin Chua, Roger, Jonathan Kang and Divya ran in the race. I will write the details on this later on. A number of our runners ran for fun, to complete, except for Dr Ansgar and Colin Chua. 
Colin Chua (gun time) and Dr Ansgar (gun time) were 7th and 10th overall for Men Open

Colin, came in 7th in the race with a time of 1hr 26min 47sec. He also had to fly off to an overseas country and he had to rush to the airport, with regard to work commitments. 

Dr Ansgar, myself and Tan Eng Howe are around the same age. We will still keep running after 50. 

The next person who ran sub-1hr 30min for the half- marathon  was Dr Ansgar. He ran the race and came in 10th with a time of 1hr 28min. It was a breakthrough as Dr Ansgar has been doing what it can to bring down the time. All efforts were in vain, earlier on. The present time that he has attained makes us to give him  a lot of respect as he did it with a number of younger runners behind him. 

He is also 49 years old, and he is also a dentist by profession with a lot of work to do, including looking after his 2 daughters. He sets example to his own workers to balance things in life. He is a good role model for many to follow. From the past, I have seen him as a person who can defy logic to attain good timing in running which is not easily attainable for a person who does professional work, with an age like him. He has, in the past, miraculously, done a number of fast times in various distances. Our group always look for inspiration for him as many are nearing 40 years of age. He has given us an interview on his feat to me and we will post it out soon. It was an interesting interviewing him. 

What was more surprising is that Moonlake, Dr Ansgar's wife, also ran and did a time of 1hr 00min 29sec for the race. It was a personal best time. For me, both of them are good role model for many to follow, if those married. Both support each other as a family and their daughters are running also, as I believe that they are taking them as good role model.