Friday, July 10, 2015

Vegan Chin Peng, 52, Does Personal Best Time 1hr 53min 55sec in Sundown Half -Marathon 2015.


Vegan Chin Peng, 52, Does Personal Best Time 1hr 53min 55sec in Sundown Half -Marathon 2015.

Flexifitness - Mr Chin Peng, a vegan and an examplary of healthy living through running

By Saranniya

Picture 1 - Mr Chin Peng in SAA Cross Country 2015 Race. (left to right standing) Andy Liew (Ashley Liew's dad), Dr Ansgar (Team B Captain), Mr Chin Peng, Vijayaraj, Coach Rameshon, Andy Wenger, Benjamin Fan, Lee Nguan, Selvan, Lim Thow Wee (Team A Captain), (left to right) Brian, Rueben, Saranniya (myself), Anja Tan, Emma Oh, Moonlake

One such person who does not miss any form of training and who is very consistent in training always, in our group, is Mr Chin Peng. He is a vegan. It is because he is vegan and he supports animal non killing for food. I have turned myself more of a vegetarian recently because of the feeling compassion towards animals, birds, etc. There are plant based product food that we can actually eat and it can be delicious. It is just about how you cook our food.

Picture 2 - Mr Chin Peng is unfazed by the competition, his focus was on improvement

I have seen Mr Chin Peng joining us at the same time when Professor Ansgar joined us about 6 months back in our group. From day one, I realised that Mr Chin Peng was very meticulous in his running and he was keen in running with a good technique and form. I have seen him paying particular attention on strategies and tactics in running, as well, when there is briefing going on. "As far as I know him, he has not missed any form of training, except for one or two days from the past till now," So said Coach Rameshon on Mr Chin Peng. 

Mr Chin Peng is a running enthusiast and does his best to finish up the training, moderate intensity or hard sessions. He helps us to keep our bags in his car, and he also has shown several times that he is very caring for other runners and even outside our group as well. He is a civic minded and a considerate person. 

To put it in a nutshell, what I like about him is that he is very consistent in training. His progress is very gradual and slow but it is always on a upward trend. He is also a very good role model for us as he has good values for us to follow. Recently, Mr Chin Peng has done a fantastic  time of 1hr 53min 55sec in Sundown Marathon's Half-Marathon. As he has done a good personal best time, I would like to share his thoughts by my giving of interview questions to him.
An Interview With Mr Chin Peng

1. What did time did your race start? - How was the weather during the race?

The race for the Sundown Half Marathon flagged off at about 15mins after midnight.  Weather was good but as usual in Singapore, it was humid.

1. What was your target for the race? (Is it your personal best timing? If yes please include your previous personal best and the race you achieved it in).

I was targeting to do below 1hr 55min and I did it in 1hr 53min 52sec (came in at position 188 out of 7195 runners).  My previous PB was 1hr 56min 56sec.

2. Are you happy about your performance?

Yes of course.  Since joining Flexifitness last year, I am extremely pleased that I was able to improve my timings for the Half marathon from 2h 7m (Sep 2014 Army HM), 2h 5m (Dec 2014 Stanchart), 1h57m (Feb 2015 Marina Bay run) to now 1h54m at Sundown 2015.

3.How was the organisation of the race?
    - Hydration station?
    - Were the distance marker accurate? 
    - Was the route given to run to cramp?

The organiser did a great job.  The route was smooth with no bottleneck. Hydration stations were adequate and meaningful spaced out.  There was distance marker at every km and I believe it was accurate as it was quite in line with my GPS watch lap distance alert.  Overall the race and atmosphere was good.  I think it would have been better if the race started earlier at 10pm so as to finish the run at around midnight.

4.  How did you feel during the race? 

I started strong despite the initial upslope in the first 2km at Sheares Bridge and was able to consistently maintain my target pace for most of the run.  Fatigue set in at after about 18km but nevertheless persevered and did a PB time.

5. What age did you start running? What inspired you to pick up running?

I always enjoy running and all along I was an avid but casual runner.  I got serious into running last year at age 52 as I wanted to improve my running timings.

6. What is your next goal and target?

My next goal is to do a Full Marathon in December and aiming for a marathon PB of under 4hours.