Monday, July 6, 2015

New Achievements by Flexifitness Athletes.

Good News during track and Field Championships and in SEA Games and Post SEA Games 2015

We have a number of good news during the National Track and Field and in the SEA Games and Post SEA Games as well.

1. Andreas Wenger, one of our fastest runner in Flexifitness, did 2hr 54min 54sec in Kona Marathon 2015 on 28th of June. What was making us to feel on top of the world was the fact that he came in as the Overall winner for the race itself for Men's Open Category. This is a feather in our cap.

2. Ashley Liew came in 8th in the SEA Games 2015, as he got cramps in both hamstrings and he had to stop twice. Although, he stopped twice, he ran and completed the race in a time of 2hr 44min, a personal best time for running in Singapore weather. We found that somewhere before the 5/6km mark, the front running group, ran the wrong route. Rui Yong, also ran the wrong route. Ashley, when he saw this, actually did not like what was going on. To correct this, he waited for the running group to join back so that the race was fair, in order not to win by having an unfair advantage. He got a Sportsmanship Award for this courageous act by Media Corp Channel 5. Ashley Liew was mentioned by Lee Hsien Loong for his gracious act of wanting fairness in competition, when winning is every athletes mind.

Also, it is good to note that the winning time was 2hr 34min 56sec in the SEA Games. Ashley has a personal best time of 2hr 32min 12sec done in New Orleans Marathon.Ashley's New Orleans time would have fetched him a gold. We hope that he has better luck the next time round as the SEA Games will be held in Malaysia.

3. Hamish Archibold, a 5 year old kid, who is doing our young athletes mid-distance programme, came in second in the recent Biathlon race for 5 year old age group category, when we analysed his results. His time for 200m swim was 5min 32sec, while he did a 1km in 5min 37sec.

4. Armand, one of our pioneer athlete, in the past, and was in our Young Champions' Programme, came in first in 3000m in National Schools Track and Field Championships. In the past, while in our programme, he came in first in Milk Run 2015 for kids, before he was accepted to Raffles Institution by Direct Schools Admission. In the Nationals Schools' Cross - Country race, he was leading all the way until he went wrong route during the race, around the 2km mark, as there were no officials around to guide him to the correct route. His opponents athletes, seeing this opportunity sped away from him, with an unfair advantage. Hence, he lost some grounds and he came back, losing some 60 to 70metres of distance, and came in sixth overall in the race, instead. Anyway, he corrected this fact as who is the under 14 boys longest fastest runner by coming in the 3000m race by emerging the champion in the Nationals Track and Field race. 

5. Just behind Armand, it was our own Loganathan Ruben who has never won any race in the past, before joining Flexifitness. He came in 7th in the Nationals Schools' Cross Country Race. Ruben father was a past middle distance runner himself and is a close friend of Coach Rameshon. Many Flexifitness athletes came in top 30, at least 10 of them, and two athletes came in top four in the girls race.

6. Chin Peng, a 52 year old male vegan, did a surprising personal best time of 2hr 53min 55sec in the Sundown Half-Marathon 2015. Finally, with a lot of persistent training and consistent training, Chin Peng has done, not just us proud, but also to the vegan group as well. 

7. In Singapore Athletics 2k/4km Walk Series Competition, in the under 15 boys Wei Shen came in 3rd and Jia Wei came in 4th position. They did the 2km race. 

8. As for the 4km competition, Divya and Tan Anja came in 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the Women Open Category (above 15 and under 50 years old). Sumathy came in 6th position in the same category as well. She would have been top 3 if it was 40 years and above. Coach Tan came in 2nd overall in the Men Veteran,  for under 50 years old. Suh Hyeong our female walker, walked and came in 4th in the under 15 year old race.

9. Gina, our under 12 girl, has made it to the play for Singapore in an International competion which will be held in Sweden to play in tournament. She is leaving few days from now and she will be having two weeks game there. We our proud her and wish her all the best.