Monday, February 9, 2015

Vegan Chin Peng, 52, Does Personal Best Time in SAA Cross-Country 5km in 23min 03sec

Flexifitness - Mr Chin Peng, a vegan and an examplary of healthy living through running

By Saranniya

Picture 1 - (left to right standing) Andy Liew (Ashley Liew's dad), Dr Ansgar (Team B Captain), Mr Chin Peng, Vijayaraj, Coach Rameshon, Andy Wenger, Benjamin Fan, Lee Nguan, Selvan, Lim Thow Wee (Team A Captain), (left to right) Brian, Rueben, Saranniya (myself), Anja Tan, Emma Oh, Moonlake

One such person who does not miss any form of training in our group is Mr Chin Peng. He is a vegan. It is because he is vegan that Coach Rameshon has some common interest with him, in terms of food. Coach Rameshon is a vegetarian. 

Picture 2 - Mr Chin Peng is unfazed by the competition, his focus was on improvement

I have seen Mr Chin Peng joining us at the same time when Professor Ansgar joined us about 6 months back in our group. From day one, I realised that Mr Chin Peng was very meticulous in his running and he was keen in running with a good technique and form. I have seen him paying particular attention on strategies and tactics in running, as well, when there is briefing going on. "As far as I know him, he has not missed any form of training, except for one or two days from the past till now," So said Coach Rameshon on Mr Chin Peng. 

Mr Chin Peng is a running enthusiast and does his best to finish up the training, moderate intensity or hard sessions. He helps us to keep our bags in his car, and he also has shown several times that he is very caring for other runners and even outside our group as well. He is a civic minded and a considerate person. 

To put it in a nutshell, what I like about him is that he is very consistent in training. His progress is very gradual and slow but it is always on a upward trend. He is also a very good role model for us as he has good values for us to follow.

An Interview With Mr Chin Peng?

Picture 3 - Running with good running form

Why do you take up running?
All along, I have been a casual runner, but I was also an avid runner, I was interested in keeping myself fit in life.

Have you run a marathon?
Yes. 6 times already.

What was your 5km, 10km, 15km and half-marathon and marathon time in the past?
5km - 28min
10km - 56min
Half-Marathon - 2h 05min
Full Marathon - 5h 17min

What is your time now for these running distances?
5km - 23min 03sec
10km - 49m 08s
Half- Marathon - trying to go under 2hr at next week Marina Bay run.
Full - Marathon - targeting to do under 4 hour by the end of year.

Picture 4 - (left to right) Lim Thow Wee, Jensen Toh Lee Nguan, Coach Saravanan, Coach Rameshon, Andy Liew, Dr Ansgar, Andy Wenger

How did you perform in the SAA Cross-Country Race, last weekend?
Did a personal best of 23m 03s according to my watch, nearly crossed the sub-23min mark.

Are you happy with the race?
Yes. Enjoyed the race, nice weather and energetic co-runners from Flexifitness.

What is your long term goal?
Enjoy running, stay fit, make more running friends and hopefully be a role model for a healthy lifestyle.