Monday, February 16, 2015

Dr Ansgar Cheng - Sets Personal Best in The Marina Run Half- Marathon 2015 - An Interview

Dr Ansgar - 10th position and did 1hr 32min 33sec (gun time), 12postion for nett time of 1hr 32min 25sec. 

By Saranniya

An Interview on Marina Run 2015
Picture 1 - Dr Ansgar Cheng

What is the name of the race that you ran yesterday?
Brooks Marina run is a new race to me even I ran two half marathon before; 2013 Standard Chartered and 2014 Straits Times.

Picture 2 - Wang Yan, Dr Ansgar and Lee Nguan

Have you taken part in this race in the past?
My time in the last run in end of September 2014 was about 1hour and 33min 30sec.

Picture 3 - Dr Ansgar's wife Moonlake ran in the 10km run

If yes, what was your time then?
This time I managed to complete the 21km in just under 1hr 33minutes. It was a 1/2 minute improvement but I felt absolutely great after the run.

Picture 4 - 10km and half-marathon finisher medals

Are you happy with this race?
I am happy with the event. It was a windy hot night to me and certain area was very dark. So I wish there were better distribution of water points, marshals and lighting.

The route was perfectly flat with only a few up and down steps. Interestingly, in the absolute last moment, may be less than 3 minutes before the start, it was announced that the route was changed. Instead of one long 21km run, it was changed into 2 laps of about 10.5km. As long as all runners are in the same route, it is fair. I am not familiar with the route anyways and I was relying on the km markers so that did not bother me at all at the start. However, with the development of the run, I realised that the last minute route change also messed up the distance markers.

I believe the organiser did their best. As we understand there are things that were beyond their control: eg route change due to a nearby Chinese New Year parade rehearsal. Interestingly, at the end all finishers found their own time on their watch was about 5 minutes slower than the display at the finish line. I can't comment on that because I am no good with technology. I actually pressed a wrong button about 11km and my watch stopped counting. That was my most familiar favorite watch for 10+ years!! Well, may be this is one of the runs that a good GPS watch would help a lot

Anyway, it was overall a good night out. Our fellow runners Mr. Tan Chin-Peng, Lim Lee-Nguan, Madam Wang had a lot of fun. Mr. Andrew Liew and Moonlake Lee did well in their 10km run too. Looking forward to more mileage together.

Picture 5 - Mr Chin Peng did 1hr 57min new personal best time in the half-marathon