Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ashley Liew - An Interview on his PB time of 15m 43sec A Hero's 5km Race

 Ashley Liew - Two Weeks After New Orleans 2015 Marathon, Ashley Liew Does 5km race.

By Saranniya

In 2013 A Hero's 5km race, Ashley Liew ran and did 15min 53sec. It was his first time doing a sub- 16min for the race. The link is here .In this year's race, he sliced off 10sec for the race, which was done last weekend on Sunday 8th February. . 

His father Mr Andy Liew, in the past, was hoping to do a sub - 4min 1km run when he joined us for training, after Myanmar SEA Games 2013. Yesterday, Mr Andy ran and did 3min 46sec for the 1km run. It was a big personal best considering his age which is 64. The father believes that Ashley's genes must be also in him and has taken to  some serious running  to run faster for long distance races and to do reasonable time for his age. He has realised that he has been improving due to his commitment he has to improve his timing. He has done a sub-1hr in some of the 10km races.

As for Ashley, A Hero's 5km Run, is a feather in his cap, as his time is going towards 15min flat for 5km in the long run. We wish him good luck in his training and hope that he would be able to do a faster time over time. 

I have given him my interview questions and he has promptly returned back to me. I believe that you enjoy reading his interview answers and get motivated in running.

Picture 1 - Ashley Liew competing the recently completed A Hero's Race 2015  (Photo Courtesy of Julie Norvell Wilson)

An Interview With Ashley Liew

What is the name of the race that you ran on 7th February?
A Hero's 5k.

Have you taken part in this race in the past? If yes, what was your time then, and what made you want to do it again?
I last raced this in 2013, in which I set my previous 5k PB of 15m53s. Besides offering a fast course, this annual event more importantly offers something deeper - the opportunity to honour the memory and sacrifices of heroes of the USA military. Prior to 2013, I had never heard in-person a testimony of a parent who had lost his or her child in combat. Mrs Debby Whitsitt's heart-piercing testimony of her son SPC Geoffrey Whitsitt reminded me of the things we often take for granted and further encouraged me to run for something bigger than myself.

How did you fair in this race?
I set a new 5k (3.1 miles) PB of 15m43s, while emerging overall runner-up.

Picture 2 - Chass Armstrong leading Ashley Liew in A Hero's 5km Race (Photo Courtesy of Julie Norvell Wilson)

Are you happy with this race?
To set a PB 2 weeks after my grueling 2h32m12s Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon was special. I took a full week's exercise break followed by a subsequent week of light training (being careful to listen to my body), so I did not set high expectations for this 5k. I was merely taking advantage of the residual marathon training benefits. Race day was forecasted to be around 1 degree Celsius at start time, but thankfully I followed my inner voice which told me to dress light. True enough, the temperature started heating up fast. I did my best to stick to eventual winner Chass Armstrong for the first 1k, which was easily sub-5min/mile pace. Chass won the 5k in 15m02s. When I hit the final roundabout, I glanced at my watch and knew a PB was possible if I finished strong. However, I could not find a higher gear due to slight fatigue. I was later ecstatic to see the race clock read 15m39s as I neared it.

What is your long-term goal for 5km?
I first want to go below sub-15min and then later close to 14min flat. By then, churning out 5min/mile pace for longer efforts would be no problem (this 5k race pace averaged 5m04s/mile).

How was the route of the race?
I am somewhat familiar with the pretty Furman University Campus in Greenville because there are often races there. It includes several small bumps (especially the one near the end which was short but painful) and turns, but the organizers minimized that as best they could. I did make the mistake of assuming the last 500m was similar to the one in 2013 so I was caught off-guard when we made an earlier turn.

How was the organization of the race?
They did a great job of handling the competitive runners (even a couple of competitive walkers), masses, and even military personnel in full battle order out on course. I loved that the center of the race revolved around honouring military veterans, especially with the pre- and post-race ceremonies.