Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ashley Liew Does 15min 43sec in A Hero's 5km

Ashley Liew - Has been improving in 5km run, just after winning second position in New Orleans Marathon 2015

In Zoo Run 2015 our kids had a great time running. This photo is by Vandana. We would like to thank her for the photo. Most of our athletes did on average 2 to 3min personal best time. Hana came in fifth in the girls race, between 6 and 9 years of age.

Chass Armstrong clocks 15min 02sec to win Hero's 5km, while 15min 43sec did a 10sec improvement and doing a personal best time in the race. Ashley send this news while I was on my way today to see the race at Zoo. 

As planned Ashley took a one week of total rest from New Orleans Marathon race. With some light training done in the following second week he ran the race and rose to the occasion. While our 8 runners can run sub-19min in Flexifitness, Ashley is able to do a sub - 16min and it is the second time that he is doing. It was great piece of news to cheer us up in the morning for the race.

Picture 2 - Ashley Liew, is standing second from the right