Saturday, February 21, 2015

Andreas Wenger, Jennifer Quek, Kenneth Lim aiming to do Personal Time in Tokyo Marathon 2015

Flexifitness Runners aiming for personal best time in Tokyo Marathon 2015


I am excited now as Tokyo marathon race is still going on at this moment. There is no time tracker and I am waiting for our athletes, who have completed, to communicate with us, once the race is over. 

We have three runners running in the Tokyo Marathon from Flexifitness. There may be also another two other runners who may run but I believe that due to injury and work commitment they run but they will just do their best as they can. So, I will discuss on Andreas, Jennifer and Mr Kenneth Lim.

Firstly, we have Andreas Wenger, a Swiss runner, who has done a sub-29min for the 8km run, in our latest time trial. He has done a 28min 38sec for the tempo run. He was at first doing 31min plus on average, earlier on. Over a period of 5 months, he scaled downward in his time and has got faster.

In SAA cross country, Andreas did a time of 17min 58sec for 5km after a 15km easy run running from home. We believe that he has a very good chance of doing a sub-3hours for the Tokyo Marathon 2015.

Picture 1 - (left to right) Mr Lim Thow Wee, Mr Jensen Toh, Mr Lee Nguan, Coach Saravanan, Andreas Wenger and Dr Ansgar

As for Jennifer Quek, although she has fallen sick recently and, has just recovered, she has vowed that she will do all her best to go close to 3hr 30min as possible. Coach Rameshon feels that it is just a matter of time and she will definitely do it one day.

Picture 2 - Jennifer Quek, 3hr 45min personal best in Osaka 2014, recently.

As for Mr Kenneth Lim, he has been training seriously recently and has been clocking good times for his 8km and 10k tempo runs. Of the seasons before this season, the runs he did recently were all impressive to his standard. He is hoping to do a good sub-4hrs run.

The other two runners, Mr Desmond Soh and Mr Kenneth will, I believe, do their best and it is best that we do not put any form of pressure to their performance by giving the timing they are aiming here.

In an hour time or two, they will communicate with Coach Rameshon on the results. Let us keep our fingers crossed.