Thursday, February 12, 2015

Andreas Wenger - Aims for a sub-3hr run for Tokyo Marathon on 15th Feb 2015 (Sunday)

By Saranniya

Picture 1 - Lim Thow Wee, Jensen Toh, Lee Nguan, Coach Saravanan, Coach Rameshon, Andy Liew, Professor Ansgar, Andreas Wenger

As I have been very busy studying for these few days, I was not able to get Ashley's and Andreas interview out as early as I could. Anyway, I am happy that both are out finally. 

While Mr Thow Wee is aiming to run in the Seoul Marathon, we have Mr Andreas zooming in for his marathon. The Tokyo Marathon is fast approaching next week and Mr Andreas, I believe ready to run it to do a sub-3hrs. Mr Andreas has found that he has improved tremendously for the past 5 months training under Coach Rameshon. Mr Andreas is of Swedish origin and he loves ultramarathon and marathon races. 

From 5km to 15km, he has done very good timings in front of us. He is and inspiration for us. He is the next fastest to Ashley in our group. He is going to be the next to cross the sub 18min barrier. In SAA Cross Country, he has done 18m 01sec after running a distance of 15km easy run from his house. 

Coach Rameshon told us that he could do a 17min 30sec and 17min 50sec anytime for the 5km race. 

Having said this I will put this interview for the benefit of our readers and hopefully they are motivated by the answers given by Mr Andreas. 

An Interview With Andreas Wenger

How has your improvement in 5km, 8km, 10km and 15km when you joined Flexifitness?
Since I joined Flexifitness I could see myself constantly improving my timings on all these distances. The professional advices from the coaches and the training in a group is very motivating. I enjoy the training on Tuesdays with the whole team. 

What was the reason for joining Flexifitness?
I always wanted to run a marathon below 3h. I know Thow Wee since quite some time and know he is a great runner. He told me about coach Rameshon and so I decided to join and I started with one trial training. It was a great experience so I joined Flexifitness

How was the route of the race at Bedok Reservoir?
It was the first time I was running at Bedok Reservoir. The first half was a curvy gravel walk and a bit more difficult to run. The second half was asphalt and a slightly downhill. Overall it was a nice track with a bit diversity.

How was the organisation of the race?
The organization was ok. I think the starting times could have been arranged better. Between the different categories there was quite a long waiting time. The last category started at 9:30am and at that time it was already quite warm. 

What is your short term goal in running?
My short term goal is to run the Tokyo marathon below 3hr. 

What is your long term goal?
It was great to see how i could improve my timings on 5km, 8km, 10km and 15km. I am wondering what timing i could achieve on 10km and also marathons in future. I am still interested in ultra marathons and the 100miles of mount Fuji is another goal this year.