Sunday, February 8, 2015

An Interview With Professor Ansgar Cheng, 5km SAA Cross-Country in 18min 57sec

SAA Cross-Country - 1st Cross-Country race for Dr Ansgar in year 2015

By Saranniya

One such person who we admire in Flexifitness is Professor Ansgar, 50, a dentist by profession. He usually performs in a race. His mental strength can be seen in workouts that we have been doing in our training.

The other thing is that he is usually humble and he does not crow about his successes etc. He mixes around with our group easily. He does not see who you are. That is why I like him as a person in our group.

His wife, Moonlake, is a very supportive person in running. Both husband and wife usually read research papers on health and exercise. It is with her support also that Dr Ansgar is thriving as an athlete. His recent 18min 57sec 5km race time in SAA cross country will put some of the young runners, who are 10 to 20 years younger and have not much responsibility, to shame as he is holding full time job and has two daughters to look after as well.

Having said this, I now would like to put in this blogpost his interview answers that he has given me promptly.

An Interview With Dr Ansgar Cheng

Are you happy with your race?
I was totally happy with the race. I wish I knew the route better as I had misjudged the last 1km and I thought I had more distance to cover. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see the race was finished earlier than I expected as my legs were getting weak :)

How is your improvement in our running group so far?
My 5km moved from slightly below 20min to about 18:32. The first 8km I did with the group ended up close to 36min but now it is just above 32min. My 10, 15km improved by approximately 10% too. All this happened in just over half a year.

What made you to join Flexifitness?
The reason of joining Flexifitness was because my wife and I wanted our two gals to start off running. We met up with coach Ram and we were immediately convinced that his approach to kid and adult training was a right fit. The idea of stay slow to be fast was simple but yet effective. All in all, I found it allow my family to progress without strain on my mind and body. Honestly, my little gals were not too keen to start off but now they look forward to the training session as they have been having fun interacting with athletes of various age, gender, race and performance level. This is our family bonding now.

How do you find the Bedok Reservoir Route?
The Bedok route was flatter than I expected. It was almost like track running!! Just wish there were clear markings at the last 1km... Oh well, may be it was just me missed seeing the markings ;)

How was the organisation of the race?
Organisation of the race was great. No complaints at all!

What is your short term goal?
Short term goal is to get low 18minutes in 5k

What is your long term goal?
Longer term goal is to do a good marathon ;)
But there is no rush in my long term goal(s) though ;)