Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dr Ansgar Cheng, Does 5km 18min 32sec in Hong Kong former High School Alumni's 5km track race.

Dr Ansgar Cheng -  A man of determination

By Saranniya

Picture 1- (left to right) Moonlake and Dr Ansgar

When I was doing my 1km fast pace run with Dr Ansgar, 50, a dentist by profession, he just zoomed past everyone, even our top runners and did a sub-3min for it. He has done a fantastic 2min 50sec once. I was very far from him when I finished. I told myself that if this gentleman can do it at this veteran age, it means that, as I young girl, I also can do like what he is doing in the long run. 

Each time, when there is a workout, always, I see Dr Ansgar as a keen participant. He looks forward for workout. He discusses research topics on running with Coach Rameshon and other runners. Sometimes, he even updates Coach Rameshon on recent research done, especially in terms of studies and sports. 

As a young female runner, I myself, feel motivated when I see him with his wife Moonlake (5km - 28min personal best recently). Both are compatible couples and their children are in our programme. His wife Moon has been doing 32 to 34min for 5km although she had a 30min for 5km. Recently, she has done a sub - 30min for 5km, before doing a sub - 29min for 5km run. Coach Rameshon told Dr Ansgar that his wife is capable of doing a 25min plus for 5km in the next 6month, before doing a 22min to 24min by next year, as she has very cadence in her running strides.

rameshon murugiah running coach
Picture (Left to Right) Dr Ansgar, Moonlake, Violet, Coach Rameshon in Mac Ritchie Reservoir in one of the training session.

Coach Rameshon told me that if Dr Ansgar had been guided when he was a young lad, he would have come close to breaking the Hong Kong marathon record or the Singapore marathon record itself. Dr Ansgar has revealed to Coach Rameshon that from young that he has been interested in running.

Recently, Dr Ansgar went to Hong Kong to run with his track and field alumni. In the race, which was held yesterday. 13th of Jan, Tuesday, Dr Ansgar did 18min 32sec. Despite his busy schedule of being a dentist and having children to look after, he has done a miraculous run yesterday. A number of us whatsapp on his great performance. We are looking forward to his further improvement that will also spur the young and old in Singapore to take up running.

To us he has rose to expectation and we students are very proud of him. He is truly our inspiration.