Monday, January 26, 2015

Celebration Dinner at Capri's (Spartanburg)

By Rameshon

Picture - We had great time celebrating the improvement in Ashley Liew's marathon time

This is a new milestone and we would like to thank the Singapore Athletics Association staff, in particular Mardiah, Yazeen, and most importantly president Mr Tang Weng Fei, for being instrumental in enabling Ashley to do 2hr 32min 12sec and create history in New Orleans. Ashley was the overall second position in the race. He is featured in some newspaper articles. I will share those links with others on another blogpost. Ashley has improved by 3min 27sec in the marathon since October 2014.

Picture 2 - One of the link showing Ashley running in New Orleans Marathon race
We ordered pasta and 2 rolls of French bread with butter. We just had water for our beverages. When we were sitting in Capri's, we were just enjoying the moment, being very happy with the result. Ashley has brought me to Capri's in total about 4 times already.

Picture 3 - Plaque congratulating Ashley for coming second for the marathon race.

After our meeting and dinner, shortly we were at Sherman College of Chiropractic for a while before we went headed home.