Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wang Yan, 42, does 1hr 42min Personal Best Time in Stanchart Half-Marathon 2014.

 Wang Yan - Keeps improving over time despite limited time to train

By Rameshon


Wang Yan's story was told by Marcel Sng after the Army Half- marathon, 31/Aug/2014, where she did a time of 1hr 46min 37sec in the race. In this Stanchart Marathon 2014, overcoming a hot weather, she did a time of 1hr 42min and did Flexifitness proud. The first women veteran lady did 1hr 41min in the half-marathon race. She told me that at the last 2 km she had cramps. She told me that she would have done a much faster time. In our group, she stands a very good chance of getting qualified for the Boston Marathon 2015/2016. 


Please read her story and interview so that you are also inspired to do well in running. We wish her all the best to keep improving in running.


Report and Interview By Marcel Sng

Wang Yan, 42, Does 1hr 46min 37sec for 21.1km


Wang Yan, 42, was not consistent when she first started training with us. She just wanted to keep healthy. That was about one and a half year ago. She wanted to come for our programme so that she could monitor her daughter in training and to motivate her. However, while doing that, it was found that her running time in long distance kept progressing. She wanted to be fit, over time. Runners from Flexifitness told Wang Yan that she is talented. 

Over a period of time, with about 3 to 4 times per week limited training, she brought her time for 5km from 25min plus to a personal best time of 22min 24sec. She was very happy with this time and it took some time to do this.

Last Sunday, 31 August 2014, Wang Yan was on top of the world as she did a 21km distance with a time of 1:46:37, in our own standard time trial. She was hoping for a target of sub-2hours only, as it was her first time trial for a half marathon ever. Coach Rameshon was very happy with the time. It was only last year that she started running seriously; with minimal training she has done a sub-1hr 50min for the half-marathon.  

I myself feel motivated by her feat and am motivated to run a half-marathon or a marathon this year or next year. It is going to be my first time running; I have not run a half-marathon in the past; I am very keen to do it now.

I hope that her improvement will interest young and old alike. I have interviewed her and hope that you will like it. 

An Interview with Wang Yan

1. What have you been training for recently?
I follow Mr Rameshon's night training programme on weekdays and it include improving running frequency and some tempo runs.  

2. Where you running in the past?
Before I joined the running programme I seldom ran. After I joined, I will try to come  for training on twice per night training with Coach Rameshon. Besides from that I also try to run at Labrador park which is near my home during weekends. 

3. What made you to take up running?
Initially, it was because my daughter as she chose the running by joining the Young Champions' Program. The program allows parents to be trained together.  I start to run with curiosity and in the objective to get close with my daughter.  
After running for a few times, I found myself is able to run and feel totally refreshing after a sweaty running session. It's good for our health especially for a person who seats in the office for a whole day. 

4. What is your 5km, 10km timings in the past and now?
My first 10km timing was  53min when I first joined the training last year. Right now my Personal Best time is 46mins16s in a recent time trial. I like to do the time trial of Flexifitness as it is objective and valid and reliable. In fact, in races. we get faster timing, after the time trial. 

My first 5km time trial timing in the past was around a near 25min when I started joining Flexifitness. Right now, my time is 22min24s, which is a new personal best time in the recent time trial.  

5. You just did a Half- marathon time trial, what is the timing?
The net time is 1h 46m 37s.

6. How did you train for the Half Marathon time trial? 
Just follow the night program , jog in the weekend and sometimes cycling in between. 

7. what are your next races?
I will run the 2014 Straits Times Race in September and 2014 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon Race in December.

8. What are your goals? 
My goal is trying to improve my time without injury, and set a good example for my daughter.
The time my aim at is to run within 45mins in 10km and 1h 40mins for 21km.

And if my time permits, I will try to run a full marathon.

Edited by Miss Rajendren