Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stanchart Marathon 2014 Results of Flexifitness runners

Stanchart Marathon - Race started in cool 5am, but the heat killed many later.

Haile shared some of his running tips to us on 5th of December 2014

We were happy to hear that many of our runners completed the marathon despite the hot weather. It was only at 11am that the clouds gathered and the weather got better. However, it is an unsuitable time for the cloud to gather at an unfavourable time as the runners had already crossed the finish line, nearly all, in a cooler weather. Then, it even started to rain heavily at  around 3pm. Hence, with the earlier hot sun between 7 and 10 50am, they witnessed an extreme weather to my knowledge and experience. 

Nevertheless, some of our runners, in fact did well by doing a season/personal best time. Those who did personal best were Wang Yan, Kenny Lee, Moonlake, Roger. Their timings are found below in tabular form. Chin Peng did 2hr 05min 35sec which was his season best time. 

Two of our runners excelled during the and are to be interviewed soon, as we will be interviewing others as well. 

Wang Yan, 42, who came in 3rd in POSB Run 2014 with a 10km time of 44min 56sec in the women's open category. In Stanchart Marathon 2014, with a very limited training, she came in 2nd in the Women Veteran category, in half - marathon race, with a time of 1hr 42min 50sec, while Colin Chua came in 10th in Men Open category. Colin did a time of 3hr 06min 45sec. Both did Flexifitness proud.

Moonlake, 45, ran in 10km women's race and did her personal best time of 1hr 00min 36sec. She was hoping for a miracle time of sub-1hr. Nevertheless, she was very satisfied and was on top of the world to find that the time was her lifetime personal best time. We have Moon's unofficial result (34th in her age group and 726th overall for the 10km. There were estimated to be about 20,000 runners in the 10km event)

In the race, Ashley Liew's father did  a big personal best time of 56min 46sec, despite the tough weather. At 59 years of age, he is still going strong and he is getting faster. His previous best time was 59min plus for 10km race. He was 4th in his senior veteran category as the official results are out.

Some of our runners do not want their time to be up as they had to stop the race for safety reason. We shall not mention their names. 

Some of the results are found below.

Andy Liew
Chin Peng
Half Marathon
Colin Chua 
Full Marathon
Jensen Toh
Full Marathon
Joseph Ho
Full Marathon
Kenny Lee
Full Marathon
Moonlake lee
Wang Yan
Half Marathon