Monday, December 8, 2014

SAA International Association of Athletics Federation Level One Course

The most pleasurable experience of the course was to take a photo with Haile Gabreselassie,. Most treasured photo for me, as he passed by me to take photo.

It was a great experience meeting Haile, from Ethiopia, who was my inspiration for breaking the national record from 2hr 29, my own national record to 2hr 28min and finally to 2hr 24min 22sec in Chiengmei SEA Games 1995 in marathon. As for the SAA IAAF level One course, I have written a summary of it. I hope that you are eager to read it. 

This photo was taken in year 2008
Finally, I have completed the course. It was a 10 sessions of full day course. Morales Menon, from SAA, was the one who was organising the course. Morales was a very helpful person in the course. The lecturers during the course were Jana and Joseph. I enjoyed the course conducted by the two lecturers. 

As Joseph is a distance coach in the past, I found that the there were some silmilar approaches in our coaching methods.This is just my subjective experience. There were a number of lead up approaches that he showed that is important to groom children.

As for Jana, since she is a throwing coach, there were new things that I learnt.

The theory test was an open book test. As I have my own experience, and also the teaching that Jana and Joseph had given, throughout the theory the test, I did not have to look through any of the books for answers. I am thankful for both lecturers for their clear presentation. If there was a need to look at the answers in the book, I would have done that. But I didn't.

I may be sharing other things that has happened during the course. May be in the future, I may do it. I have given my feedback on the course to the two lecturers. They were long ones but I believe that the feedback will help.

There are other photos that I would like to share. I shall put it up on a later date. I believe that you will be happy to see the photos.