Friday, December 19, 2014

It is confirmed by SAA that Lim Thow Wee is running Asian Marathon 2015 : Awaiting his interview

By Saranniya

Success Story of Flexifitness

An Investment That Had Paid Off - An investment that goes beyond money as well

Flexifitness is proud to have Ashley Liew and Lim Thow Wee are representing Singapore in New Orleans and Asian Marathon 2015, respectively.

Ashley was selected based on his 2hr 35min 39sec performance in Chicago Marathon 2014. He had to sit for exams a two weeks ago before the race. He did a personal best time. Hence, he will run for Team Singapore on 25th Jan 2015 running in New Orleans Marathon.  

When Coach Rameshon left Hwa Chong, Ashley Liew had to pay for coaching fees. Ashley Liew was more focused in running performance rather than paying money. That was what Coach Rameshon told me. "Ashley was very enthusiastic to improve and go to Olympics in the future and do a sub-2hr 20min", so said Coach Rameshon about Ashley's goal. Such is the conviction that Coach Rameshon has in Ashley Liew.

Lately, seeing this, while Ashley is in USA studying chiropractic in Sherman College of Chiropractic, Mr Andy Liew, Ashley's father, 59 years of age, did a personal best time of 56min 46sec in Stanchart Marathon 2014. Earlier, Mr Andy was doing 1hr 10min. Coach Rameshon found that Mr Andy Liew was training very hard. If son can do it, it means that dad also can do it!

As for Lim Thow Wee, after 6 years of investment in paying Coach Rameshon for coaching fees, he has finally made it by doing a time of 2hr 48min 49sec in Paris Marathon, April 2014. An investment that has finally paid off. Lim Thow Wee was the first one to take up running and paying student at the same time, with Coach Rameshon, even now. There were many came to train with him later. The number have increased since.

To me, not only I admire these two runners in our group, Ashley Liew and Lim Thow Wee as they are humble and they do not blow the trumpet. They got selected by their merit and not by privileges. 

Both runners would like to thank the President of Singapore Athletics Association, Mr Tang Weng Fei for giving them the opportunity to run in the overseas marathon, next year, representing Team Singapore.

A Summary of Lim Thow Wee's Running Progression with Coach Rameshon

2007 - 3hr 49min 52sec (Before joining Flexifitness)
2008 - 3hr 10min
2009 - 3hr 09min
2010 - 3hr 02min
2013 - 2hr 55min (Seoul Marathon)
2013 - 2hr 53min (Gold Coast Marathon)
2014 - 2hr 48min 49sec (Paris Marathon)

Thow Wee (right) and Coach Rameshon (left). Photo of Thow Wee having done 3hr 10min and 10th in Stanchart Marathon race, his first year into running.

Top 7 Marathon Runners for the Year 2014

1) Soh Rui Yong - 2hr 26min 01sec, California International Marathon
2) Ashley Liew - 2hr 35min 39sec, Chicago Marathon
3) Fang Jian Yong - 2hr 38min 37sec, Gold Coast Marathon
4) Derek Li - 2hr 42min 01sec, Boston Marathon
5) Lim Thow Wee - 2hr 48min  49sec, Paris Marathon
6) Mok Ying Ren - 2hr 53min  43sec, Singapore Marathon

7) Benny Goh - 2hr 57min 52sec Stockholm Marathon

Other sub - 3hr 10min Flexifitness Athletes
Jonathan Kang - 3hr 02min (Berlin Marathon 2014)
Colin Chua - 3hr 06min (Stanchart Marathon 2014)