Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Ashley Liew and well done to athletes

Ashley Liew - Flexifitness Ashley Liew and Lim Thow Wee are top 5 runners in Singapore. 

With Mok Ying Ren recovering from injury, I guess, the current Singapore Marathon best runners' standing are as follow.

Top 7 Marathon Runners for the Year 2014

1) Soh Rui Yong - 2hr 26min 01sec, California International Marathon
2) Ashley Liew - 2hr 35min 39sec, Chicago Marathon
3) Fang Jian Yong - 2hr 38min 37sec, Gold Coast Marathon
4) Derek Li - 2hr 42min 01sec, Boston Marathon
5) Lim Thow Wee - 2hr 48min  49sec, Paris Marathon
6) Mok Ying Ren - 2hr 53min  43sec, Singapore Marathon

7) Benny Goh - 2hr 57min 52sec Stockholm Marathon

Other sub - 3hr 10min Flexifitness Athletes
Jonathan Kang - 3hr 02min (Berlin Marathon 2014)
Colin Chua - 3hr 06min (Stanchart Marathon 2014)

Flexifitness will never forget Ashley's birthday as it falls on this day. On behalf of Team Flexifitness, I would like to wish Ashley a Happy Birthday, filled with great success. We would like to congratulate Ashley Liew for being second overall for year 2014 for the marathon race ranking for Singapore Marathoners. Rui Yong has been ranked first overall for the ranking.

Lim Thow Wee (left) will be going to Hong Kong/Asian Marathon 2015 and Ashley Liew (right) to New Orleans to represent Team Singapore for the races.

As for Ashley we believe that he has a lot of potential. With opportunities given, he will one day rise to occasion in doing very good time in a marathon race. He has the potential to do a sub- 2hr 20min for the marathon. Such is the faith I have in him, have no doubt this.

We would also congratulate Ashley Liew for his rising up to occasion for getting The Outstanding Student Award winner from Sherman College of Chiropractic. For us, he shows as a person who can balance running with studies.

We also have Lim Thow Wee, our Flexifitness runner, who has done a 2hr 50min for the Paris Marathon this year. Thow Wee most probably be running in the Asian marathon race in Hong Kong as he has gotten his clearance from his work. 

We have Dr Benny Goh in our Flexifitness group athlete who has done a 2hr 57min in Stockholm Marathon 2014.

Ramesh, not my name,  is another runner, who has done a 3hr 02min, short of 2min to do a sub - 3hrs. He did it in Stanchart Marathon 2014 race. He will be representing Singapore in Hong Kong marathon.

Flexifitness Jonathan Kang has done a 3hr 02min in Berlin Marathon and is few seconds behind Ramesh. Ramesh is not our Flexifitness runner and recently, he did not name any coach in particular that he is training with. He met me today and told me that he does not have any coach. 

 Summary of Progression with Coach Rameshon
2007 - 3hr 49min 52sec (Before joining Flexifitness)
2008 - 3hr 10min
2009 - 3hr 09min
2010 - 3hr 02min
2013 - 2hr 55min (Seoul Marathon)
2013 - 2hr 53min (Gold Coast Marathon)
2014 - 2hr 48min 49sec (Paris Marathon)

We also have Colin Chua who has done a 3hr 06min for Stanchart Marathon 2014. With very limited training Colin has done well. 

As for runners who can do sub-3hr 10min, we would like to congratulate Ashley Liew, Lim Thow Wee, Dr Benny Goh, Jonathan Kang and Colin Chua for achieving this not too easy feat. Well done!