Sunday, November 16, 2014

Penang Bridge Half - Marathon 2014 - Mabel Low, 25, 8th position (1hr 43min)

Penang Bridge Half - Marathon 2014 - Mabel Low, 25, 8th position (1hr 43min)

 Penang Bridge Half-Marathon 2014 - A good run in Penang

One of the best race that I have ever ran was the Penang Bridge Half-Marathon in the 90s. I ran because it was AIMS certified. I would like to inform runners to run AIMS certified race as it is the exact distance and that they can work on their goals in running to get faster. I have done a 1hr 10m 52sec in the race, in the past, while M. Ramachandran, the former Malaysian top runner and current SEA Games 10km track record holder, did 1hr 06min 59sec. There were foreigners behind him all the way and I came in 7th overall. The only top 7 Malaysian runner was M. Ramachandran. Mr Chan Meng Hui, now 80 plus years of age brought me to Malaysia for races. Thanks goes to him. It was here that I gained confidence in running marathon under 2hr 30min.

Later on, I have brought some runners to race in Penang. For some years the race is organised well and for some years it was not. 

In the recent race, Mabel Low, 25, took part in the race and has done proud for Singapore by coming in 8th in the women open race category, with a time of 1hr 43min. I have tested Mabel recently and realised that she has a lot of potential to do well in future and has the ability to come in top 3 in the local marathon scene in the future. 

I have asked her to answer my interview questions quickly for the benefit of our readers, especially the women group to inspire them. I hope you enjoy reading this interview of hers.

An Interview With Mabel Low

Why did you choose Osaka Marathon 2014?
1. I Chose to go to Osaka Marathon as one of my close running buddies suggested that we should go to Japan to do a Marathon together.

Why did you choose Penang Bridge International Marathon?
2. I chose to go to
Penang Bridge Half-Marathon as I heard we will be running on a new bridge and also. I've never been to Penang before. So it's like killing 2 birds with a stone.

What was your time?
3. 1h43mins for half marathon.I'm Okay with the timing,didn't really have any expectations of myself as I've just finished a series of back to back races.

How was the race organisation?

4. The race organisation can be improved. I had problems at the water stations, it was too crowded due to the staggered flag off time. I was caught amongst the slower half marathon men open.

What is your next step?
5. I might come back in future to maybe do the full marathon.

Can you share with us next goal.
6. My next race is Stanchart Marathon 2014. Long term wise,Im planning to do a good timing at Gold Coast Marathon 2015next year.