Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meeting Dr Ansgar Cheng for Sunday Morning Run

Morning Run - It is not just a fun but it is also on broadening knowledge as well.
A picture taken of Dr Ansgar and Marcel Sng, a few weeks ago

This morning, I met Dr Ansgar for a run. We decided to do a 30km run. We were, in fact, hoping that we could finish the run, rather than doing 25km only. We finally finished the 30km run. After the run, I met Ganesh Sivaraj, an avid cyclist and a runner who has done 3hr 10min personal best in marathon race recently. I shall discuss on meeting Dr Ansgar and the sharing that we had n this blog post. I shall write about Ganesh on the next blog post. Ganesh shared with me on Stanchart, discussing with me on the need on fairplay by the organisers of Stanchart Marathon. I agreed with him totally and told Ganesh that we hope that there will be fair play in these coming days to the Stanchart Marathon 2015. 

A Running cum Sharing Session With Dr Ansgar Cheng

I met Dr Ansgar, 48, a dentist by profession, at 7 15am. We decided to do a long run together. I was feeling tired in the morning when I woke up. However, the mere fact of meeting Dr Ansgar, made me to feel enthusiastic about meeting him and running as well. I just wanted to appear there at MacRitchie and then think about things later. We were feeling good and we had an enriching discussion throughout the run and we did not feel tired at all, until we were at 25km mark of the 30km run. Somehow, we ran and finished the 30km in 3hr 24min 44sec. We did not push the pace at all. We ran really as slow as possible. Usually, I will feel very lethargic at the last 5km. For the last 5km, I did feel tired but because of the enjoyable conversation I had with Dr Ansgar,  and I did not feel that tired at all. 

We discussed on a wide variety of topics during the run, from Physiology to Philosophy, and we discussing other important topics as well. 

We were sharing on the need to start looking at diet in training from the age of 3 and not later. When a person is thin, that does not mean that the person is without much fats. I told him that few people that I found skinny were found to be fat. Dr Ansgar told me a story citing that even when a person is skinny, that person was found to have a lot of fats. We felt that dieting is not just enough. We should focus on the physical goals, like running and exercise more to burn fats. He told me on fats called brown fats. 

For me, I told him that I like to keep myself competitive to a certain extent so that I do keep my weight in check. I also told him that I become very particular of my fat level, in this way. 

Then, the topic went to allowance that my mother gave me, which I found that it was frugal when I go to school, even though my mother could afford to give me more money. From there I learnt not to waste money. My mother did not give me too much money and she did not deprive me of getting food with proper nutrition. My mother always ensured that I had enough for my CCA. That made me to excel in running. 

Dr Ansgar told me stories on leaders who have kids who led frugal lives and that they became successful. He told me a story where a guy inherited 20 million, about 100 years ago, from his father, upon the latter's death. The son over time frittered all the money that the father had earned and ended alone and with no money in the pocket. I told him a story where two sons were given the inheritance by the father upon the latter's death. One son who was a hard worker, and he expanded the father's wealth. The other son, frittered the money away and ended in jail over time, also blaming the father for not guiding him when he was young. 

Both Dr Ansgar and I realised that it is better to work very hard and earn wealth rather than the money coming easily to us, where we may not appreciate and fritter away the money as we did not really earn the money. 

Today, I learnt a Chinese proverb from Dr Ansgar, " Wealth does not easily cross 3 generations". We can see this in born rich children in many parts of the world. The key word is to guide the child before they inherit the wealth. 

Anyway, our discussion was focused on the importance of hard work rather than discussing on wealth alone. We were just interested on how to apply in running. 

I was also discussing with Dr Ansgar on my mother's focus on being good kids rather than just be educated in life. Dr Ansgar told me several stories on people making it to the top with just hard work even though they were smart, but not brilliant in studies. I discussed with him on how Dr Hon Chiew Weng replying back to Hwa Chong Insititution students on the need to do the Hwa Chong diploma, that allows one to not get their GCE 'A' levels, but a diploma that enriches the students to get their scholarships easily. 

We discussed many topics and I feel that this blog post is just not enough. May be in other blog posts I shall write on the sharing that Dr Ansgar will be having with me during Sunday Morning runs.