Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 2 in Sherman College of Chiropractic - Meeting the lecturers

Meeting the lecturers - Doctorate Programme is encouraged in many parts of the world. 

Many won't believe that I have met Miss USA 2013 in Sherman College. I just want to tell them that I did meet her and would like the public out there to know on the humility that Jennifer Jones showed when meeting me. The link of her studying here is given here

Daily, I am also meeting at least one lecturer of Sherman College per day. They do converse with me at length, not just shake hands and go off by saying that they are busy. The lecturers are enthusiastic when we talk about running. They in fact, probe more about running and on Ashley's performance.

Yesterday, I met Dr Kenya. I used to go for his lessons for some days last year. His lessons were very interesting and he has a very good sense of humour when he was teaching his lesson.

I met Dr Jennifer Jones. She was interested in hearing some of the things I got to say about activity. I told her about the link that Dr Ansgar had sent me on kids becoming brighter by getting themselves active at least 70mins per day. Dr Jones was happy to hear this and she told me that she has been reading on research on why being active will stimulate the brain activity more. 

In a number of countries, parents in their pursuit of getting their children more academic marks end up putting the children in deskbound activities, other programmes. They usually think that they are making the right decision. However, research has been done to conclude that activity does bring about, not only confident and indepedent kids, but also kids end up more intelligent than other kids. I have put a link for others to see 

Dr Jennifer Jones told Ashley Liew that she will send some links to Ashley so that we are aware of the recent research on activity pattern of a child, and how activity could help them. It is for kids who are autistic and having ADHD etc as well. Activity does help these children in the long run. 

Today, in the morning, I met Dr Decken, who did his Chiropractice  stuff on me, last year, before the Spinx Half-Marathon 2013 where Ashley (1hr 15min) came in 1st in the men's open race while I came in first in 40 to 50 years of age group, with a time of 1hr 30min. He enquired about our Chicago Marathon. We will be visiting his place for some chiro before the Chicago Marathon race, on Sunday.

Later on, during lunch I was introducted to Dr Ron Castellucci by Ashley. He invited me to come for his lesson. I decided to attend his lesson.

Dr Ron Castellucci told many important things during the lesson and his lesson was one that was participative and the students were engaged all the time in his lesson. At one point, he told the class that nowadays, there is a trend of people at the age between 50 and 70 exercising rather than merely watching television all the time. 

He said some salient points which struck me. He said that if one is sedentary all their life and suddenly want to take up activity, it is sure that they will benefit but the benefits would be better if they are engaged when they were young. The reason is because they can improve but only in a limited way. Dr Ron reiterated the point that only when the old get sick that they value health and aim to do something about it when it is a bit too late. 

The crucial point that I got from his message is that people should be driven to exercise from young and not when they are older. Also, he told that being active, diet and chiro are all connected and that it is good to do things together. 

He cited that Ashley's running in the morning could be due to not just running in the Chicago Marathon but it could be for health as well.

Today, at lunch time, Dr Cordero, the president of Sherman College, spoke to the students on how Chiropractic can be encouraged throughout the world. He mentioned travelling to a number of countries to garner people to take up Chiropractic Studies. He mentioned that there are altogether 346 doctorate students in this course and that the registration for year 1 student was 54 for this semester, which is an improvement from the past. 

He mentioned on a number of things plus he also advocated to the students to give back to Chiropractic once they are successful, as they are people who have worked very hard to bring chiro to the world and they did with some form of selfless service. He suggested to the outgoing students not to be complacent when they are successful so that chiropractic studies could be successful also in the long run.

It was a talk where he told things from his heart.