Saturday, September 27, 2014

Straits Times Run 2014

By Saranniya Rajendran

Wang Yan - Hopes to run in the marathon over time

Tomorrow is the day where many runners are going to take part in the Straits Times Run. Some of our runners are taking part in the race. Wang Yan who came in 3rd in the POSB RUN 2014 is running in the race. We have our Flexifitness runners Moonlake Lee and Dr Ansgar running in the race as well. We also have Vandana running in the race and would like to wish everyone all the best, as she is also doing the Great Eastern Run. 

We also had a Tri Factor Triathlon race where our runner Jonathan did 59min plus for the race. doing a sub-60min. He was yearning for this just before the race and he got it. He ran a race 2 weeks back and did 68min, beating his personal best time by 10min. In the past, he told me that his time, a month ago was 77min and it stagnated like this for a year. We will be interviewing him soon. 

In Singapore Aquathlon National Championships 2014, our biathlon team athletes  Emma and Ethan Oh came in second for the relay championships, while Ewan Oh, age 9, came in 20th in the individual category.