Sunday, September 28, 2014

Singapore International Aquathlon 2014 - Aspiring Young Triathletes

Singapore International Aquathlon - 2014

By Rameshon

Flexifitness athletes Emma Oh and Ethan Oh did well by coming in second in the team relay for the Youth section. I have given them an interview and Andrew Oh, the father, has answered, with Ethan Oh giving me some of his answers. 

Picture 1 - (left - right) Emma Oh and Ethan Oh, collecting the 1st runners-up prize

An Interview With Andrew - Ethan Oh and Emma Oh's father

What was the name of the race?
We took part in Singapore International Aquathlon 2014. 

Who took part?
Many from all over the world took part in the race.

What was the distance that you took part in?
My son  swam 8min 39sec for the 400m and my daughter did 3km swim in 14min 15sec. It is near exam time, so my daughter and son are training less. Else, I believe that the time would have been much faster. . 

What was the results of their race?
For youth category below 15 years of age, which involves a mixed team of boy and boy, boy and girl or girl and girl, my children came in 2nd in the team relay. 

What were you expecting of their performance to be?
To finish the race that is all. 

How was the organisation of the race?
It was organised very well

What was the prize of the race?
Trophy and medal and milo were given as incentives for the race.

A short interview with Ethan Ho

How did you find the weather?
The weather was good. 

Did you expect yourselves to be top 3?
No, we did not! We just wanted to have fun

What is your long term goal?
To be a triathlete in the long run