Friday, September 26, 2014

Performance for Year 2014 for Flexifitness Athletes, as of 26 Sep 2014

By Marcel Sng

When the FlexiFitness athletes ran the Army Half Marathon on 31 Aug, Coach Rameshon and I felt we were more focused on 5 and 10km races rather than 21km. Our training was more suited to 5km and 10km races; in the long term, Coach Rameshon is now working towards marathon personal bests for FlexiFitness athletes 

In the recent POSB Run on 14 Sep, many FlexiFitness athletes have improved their 10km timings. As the athletes were more prepared for the 10km, nearly all did well. In the Corporate Challenge, FlexiFitness Team A and B came in 1st and 2nd respectively. 3 below 40 min Their new Personal Bests are recorded below.

Note: Children's records will be shown in the future 

January 2014
SAA Cross Country 2014
(1) Lim Thow Wee 18min 38sec, (Personal Best Time)
(2) Jensen 18min 46sec
(3) Coach Rameshon 18min 56sec, 6th position in Men Veteran. (Season Best)
(4) Sophia  20min 16sec, (1st in  Women Open)
(5) Mari - Champion in Women under 14 (Fastest runner in Wings Cross -Country,
(6) Brian - 3rd in boys under 14.

Wings Cross Country 2014
1st in Wings Cross-Country 2014, for under 14 girls.

February 2014
Zoo Run 2014 
(1) Selvanther 2nd overall in net time for Zoo Run for under  14 boys
(2) Coach Rameshon - 48min 08sec
(4) Coach Tan Eng Howe - 54min 59sec.

 Tokyo Marathon 2014
(1) Leong Hong Yew - 3hr 35min 25sec (Personal Best Time) Men Veteran

April 2014
London Marathon 2014
(1) Desmond Soh -- 3hr 39min (Personal Best) Men Veteran

Paris Marathon 2014
(1) Lim Thow Wee - Marathon (Men Open) 2hr 48min 49sec - Personal Best
(2) Jennifer Quek - Marathon (Women Open) 3hr 53sec

Flexifitness 2.4km Time Trial 
(1) Lim Thow Wee - 7min 48sec (Personal Best)
(2) Coach Rameshon - 7min 56sec
(3) Vijay - 7min 57sec (Personal Best)
(4) Benjamin Fan - 7min 57sec (Personal Best)
(5) Ali - 8min 30sec
(6) Ms Rajendran - 09min 09sec (Personal Best), Women Open

NTUC Income 350 Run
(1) BK Pradeep - 10km - 52min 32sec (Personal Best Time)

May 2014
Copenhagen Marathon 2014
(1) Tarandeep Kaur - 3hr 52min
(2) Shireena Woon - 4hr 10min

(1) Ashley Liew -  1st position - 17MIN 02SEC

Stockholm Marathon 2014
Dr Benny Goh - , 2hr 57min 52sec (Season Best)

Cold Storage Run 2014
Adit - 4th overall for Kids between 7 and 8 years of age, 800m

June 2014
Pocari Sweat Run 2014
Berlinda - 1hr 11min (3min improvement, personal best time)

MR 25 Half-Marathon (Team) - Overall Flexifitness 4th in Men Open Team
Lim Thow Wee and Colin Chua enabled Flexifitness to come in 4th overall.

July 2014
Gold Coast Half-Marathon 2014 (07/07/2014)
(1) Colin Chua - 1hr 24min 24sec ( 1min improvement , Personal Best Time)
(2) Kariel - 1hr 57min 37sec (17min improvement, Personal Best Time)

Red, White and Blue 5kim Run 2014 (6th/07/2014)
(1) Ashley Liew (champion for age between 25 and 29) - 16min 18sec

Aug 2014
21km Time Trial New Personal Best 

Wang Yan- 1hr 46min 37sec (first effort, non-runner previously)

5km Time Trial
Bryan- 18min 50 sec (was 19:35 2 months) 

Flexifitness 5km Time Trial 2014 (Only those who have done pb will be mentioned)
(1) Lim Thow Wee - 18min 16sec (Personal Best Time)
(2) Benjamin Fan - 18min 57sec (Personal Best Time) :  18min 43sec new Personal Best 
(3) Kenny - 18min 38sec (Personal Best Time)
(4) Desmond - 21m 45sec (season best)
(5) Le Nguan - 22min 17sec (season best)
(6) Yoga - 21min 52sec (Personal Best Time)
(7) Szerk - 22min 29sec (Personal Best Time)
(8) Chin Peng - 24m 45sec (Personal Best Time)
(9) Jennifer - 24min 20sec (Personal Best Time)
(10) Mari - 21min 14sec, women open (Personal Best Time)

Jensen - 18min 46sec (Personal Best time)
Brian - 18min 50sec  (Personal Best time) Under 14 boys runner
Jonathan - 20m 01sec
Dr Ansgar - 19min 15sec (Personal Best time)
Desmond - 20m 28sec (Personal Best time)
Reuben - 20 58sec (Personal Best time) 13 year old.
Vijay - 21min 04sec (exams period)
Ryo - 21min 37sec
Szerk - 21min 40sec (Personal Best time)
Kenneth L - 22min 34sec (Personal Best time)
Wang - - 22min 24sec (Personal Best time) Veteran women runner
Wee - 22min 34sec (Personal Best time)
Dr Benny Goh - (paced Jennifer)
Joseph - 24m 42sec
(Lee Nguan - paced Chin Peng)
Kariel - 25min 08sec
Mao xing - 25min 39sec
Diva - 25min 40sec
Bobby - 26min (just joining back after long absence)
Shan - 28min 17sec (Personal Best time)
Imran 6km - 37min 28sec (Personal Best time)

Sep 2014

POSB run 2014
(Note: PB means Personal Best,
SB means Season Best)

38:09       THOW WEE
39:17 PB KEN LEE          
40:13 PB MOSES NG       
40:24       BENNY GOH    
41:30       ERNEST            
43:06       JONATHAN K
43:35 SB VIJAYARAJ    
44:35       LOUIS S 
48:18 PB TREVOR   
48:23       RYO THAM 
49:07       SZERK LIM  
54:05 PB JOSEPH HO  

44:57 PB YAN WANG    
45:31 PB MARI           
51:13 PB KARIEl           
53:55 PB EMMA OH  
54:21 PB BRINDA     
55:41 SB PEI HUA     
58:14 PB DIVYA K     
01:02:36 SB SUMATHY     
01:04:00 PB HELEN TOH