Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 POSB RUN Official Results and Wang Yan, 42, Answers Interview Questions

By Marcel Sng

Wang Yan - As she ages, she is getting younger and faster

Yesterday, I was appalled to hear that Wang Yan did 44min 58sec for 10km. Earlier, she had told us that she has to work hard to do a sub- 45min, after the POSB RUN, one two days back, as she thought that 45min 20sec was her time (unofficial time for 10km) according to her watch. Only yesterday, she found that the official time showed 44min 57min instead of 45min plus timing. She was elated.

The funny thing is that she just took up serious running with no background or history of serious running. She did not know that she is talented and only took up running to keep her daughter company. She wants her daughter to keep running and she felt that the best way is to set herself as an example for her daughter.

Over time, Coach Rameshon has told her that she will do 45min plus in a few months time if she trains hard. She was told that she was talented. Using 3 times and with her rare four times per week training, she keeps improving over time.

I have decided to do an interview questions and answer that I had with her at night, yesterday. She shared some insights to her training.

At the same time, I am putting up the blog post on the website result link in the blogpost and on some of our runners perforamance.

An Interview With Wang Yan

What is your real age?
42, going to be 43 soon.

How do you find the organisation of the race?
Excellent! The water points, start of the race, finish of the race, limit in the number of runners, safety, etc were all done to the best so that runners benefit.

How do you rate upon 10?
9 out of 10.

Anything that they could improve upon?
Nothing much to say, perhaps they could allow good runners to come in front will be good. However, in this race, even though I was able to come to the front as there was a limit in the runners number. That is why I believe that I got a very good time in the race?

What is your time in this race?
Earlier I thought that it was 45min 30sec plus. Later, I was told that it was 44min 57sec. I was on top of the world to hear this as I was actually gunning for a sub - 45min next, not knowing that I have already done it.

Are you happy with the time?
I am very happy as came in third. A year back, my first race was POSB 2013. I did 53min plus in the race.I did the Great Eastern 10km and did 48min for the race and also came in 4th in the Real Run in 48min plus, missing out on the third prize. In this year's Shape Run 2014, I did 46min 16sec. 

Any misgiving in the race?
The fact that I had to win the third girl to get the second runners up prize. I felt bad for the 3rd girl. I thought that I am in the veteran women category, not knowing that I also in the women open category.

How many days per week do you train?
I train 3 times per week. I am trying to train more, however, the most I get to really train is for four times for now. 

What was your strategy in this race?
Not to run too fast at the start. After 5km of comfortable running, I started my move to go to the front. It was not to go out too fast at the start.

What is your next race?
Straits Times Run 2014 and Standard Chartered Marathon 2014.

Results of POSB Run 2014